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[RESOLVED] Format my computer

Does anyone know If I got to My Computer and right click on Local Disk(CSmile and go to format what will happen If I format it. Just wondering because I dont want it to delete anything that I need.
well depends on whats on c drive...
basically a format will erase everything on that hard if u have windows installed on that disk, DONT format it!
O thanks for your help. So If i delete it and I dont want windows anymore... What would my computer be good for?
O thanks for your help. So If i delete it and I dont want windows anymore... What would my computer be good for?

Exactly, Microsoft did think of that. If you have only one hard drive with one partition, then you can press format but it'll stop you before you format the drive, in fact, you CANNOT format Windows XP like that if it is your only partition. So you can try it and it won't do anything if you don't have another hard drive in your comp or another partition.

If you want to format, you'll have to get a boot disk, but not XP's. Get Windows Millenium's, it has the most advanced FDISK software available. You can get all the bootdisks at After you put it on the disk, start your computer with the disk in the drive, and then at the prompt type format c:.

Then you can reinstall your operating system, just remember that you won't be able to easily get anything from your old
The format feature within windows seems somewhat like an afterthought, it's just useful to see HOW your drive is formatted.
So when you decide to format, make sure you make a backup of all the files you want to keep. Remember also that most programs won't work when you put the files back after reinstalling windows. This is because the registry is clean and doesnt know the program yet. And a lot of times programs will have missing .dll files because they are gone in the new windows/system32/folder. So for most programs you only need to keep the saved files and things like that, after reinstalling windows just reinstall the program then overwrite the saved stuff to the new made folders and everything would be the same as before.
And why not formatting with the xp cdrom? Why millenium?? If you ask me, windows m.e. sucked compared to win98se and was like a betaversion of xp. Windows xp is nice and looks good, but i think its more made for people that doesnt know much about computers. Personally win98se is my favorite cause i think its faster when you dont have much ram in your machine. Right now i use xp, but i dont have to worry about speed anymore since i got 1024mb ram installed.
But to format i just use the boot from cdrom option in my bios. You don't need fdisk, unless you want to create partitions. Just remove the partition in the menu then format the empty partition to NTFS and install the new windows on the new partition.
Good luck!
It basically restarts lik e anew computer with nothing on it.
Huh? I thought you can format your drive through BIOS? I'm not very sure bout it...
Clicking format will erase all of your files from your HDD . So , be sure to backup b4 u do that .
By right clicking the format button on C:/ assuming that where windows is loaded will yiel no result as windows has an inbuilt protection so that the drive where windows is installed cannot be formatted while windows is running.

To format the drive where windows is Installed you have to boot using a bootable disk and run the computer in the command interface (DOS).

If you click the d:/ ( windows not installed) and click format you will be able to format the drive without any restrictions.
Its better to format Computer from Ms Dos....
maybe its not better but i always doing it Cool
if your windows is in drive c and you are trying to format it like you just said you wont' be able to format just becouse you cant' erase something you use at same time. it's like you cant' sit on chair and throw it away at same time. you can try watch some video in your pc and try to delete it you will only get error. same with format
questions answered.

i shall -close- this topic, but if you want it reopened for whatever reason, PM me
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