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moving with pets

another question... we're moving across the country in a little over a month. I just got this hamster but she's kind of grown on me...I hate to think of giving her to someone else. The thing is, unless we drive the truck ourselves (which, I'm not sure we're going to do), we'll be flying to the city we're moving to and leaving the movers to take our stuff. How do I get this hamster to my destination? Is it better just to leave her?
Hmmm, hard one. I think you could certainly consider taking the hamster with you. Maybe you can come to some kind of agreement with the truckers. You said you have a hamster ball. I have a memory from my primairy school when I was to be photographed with my hamster. My mom took her to school in the ball. She had put something for her to sleep in in de ball and my hamster seemed to like it just fine. Maybe you can get the truckers to take the ball into the cabine and make sure it doesn't get harmed. Again, if the trip takes longer she may need food and/or water but as I don't know how long it'll take I cannot judge that need.

Again, hope this helps Smile
well, it's a move clear across the US and will take several days to get the truck there. Plus, I think we may use one of those pod services, which means that our stuff probably won't even be on the same truck/trailer the entire time. If we drive the truck ourselves, we can certainly take Daisy along in a travel case... if we use the pod service, we'll probably fly to our destination. I know you can take dogs on airplanes if you sedate them... can you take hamsters?

What saddens me is I think we'll have to get rid of our frogs, though. They've been with us a long time, especially our biggest one.
I don't know if you can take hamster on board a plane. You'd have to check that. I do know that sedating one is impossible. A sedation would probably kill an animal of that size. I know it's hard if not impossible to sedate them.
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