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give up your vote

would you give up your vote for the high official of your country for .........10 dollars? ipod......
an xbox360.........5,000 dollars...... what is the highest you'll go!!!!?
By "high official" do you mean someone like a Prime Minister? I would certainly sway the other side if there's an "incentive" of over $100. Very Happy
enough money to build my house
Never because if a corrupt official wants your vote and they 'buy' it from you then what the cost once they are in power?
I'd give up my vote for just about anything over 100,
not like I ever care to vote anyway.
This is one of those "morality" questions I guess (by morality I mean relating to a collective agreement of behavior in society). If one person in society doesn't have their vote, then nothing bad happens. But if lots of people lose their vote, then it's very bad.

From an individual point of view: For how much money will you give up something that has virtually no effect on the world or me?

From a "morality" point of view: For how much money will people in general give up something absolutely vital for the functioning of society?

It seems loonix and HamsterMan are taking opposite points of view on this interesting question.
i mean a president, prime minister, or the like.
Sure. I would definitely do that for my vote in this upcoming presidential election. But I'm only saying that because I don't like any of the candidates so I guess it doesn't really matter to me who wins anyways. Well actually it does... There's some people that I hate a little more than others, so I guess it becomes a lesser of two evils.
They don't have to bribe individuals in America. The last two elections were hacked and rigged so they don't even have to resort to bribes. See for yourself. But in any case, I would sell myself short for probably a couple million dollars. My dreams would have to come true if they wish for their's to do the same. I have a sure fire business plan but it requires a lot of money to get started and paying off loans wouldn't be an option for me.
Do you mean 'give up' as in "Not voting" or "Voting for the opposite side"?

I think you could persuade me not to vote, but I would never vote against someone for a bribe.

EDIT: Doesn't seem to make much sense, but I'd rather help nobody at all than help the candidate I don't support.
Voting is to elect people to represent them in he is eligible in the position. i will never sale my vote to 10$ or an ipod its just like you are sale your own life i mean your cridibility .Become a leader is to handle community .im sure if your vote will buy, the officials that your are voting will be corrupt sem here in our the way vote buying here in our place is normal .
If he's so desperate to being an official, and if his attitude is acceptable. All my relatives can vote for him if he gives a million dollars...impossible....
I agree with Loonix. If someone is willing to bribe you to be in a position of power, what incentive or reason do they have for doing so. The future costs of that would probably be horrendous and I don't think I would ever do such a thing. It is a morality question but even if you take all morality out of it, it is still absolutely stupid for said reasons.
Aaaaand stop.

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