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a think test

take this observant test.... think its easy? well lets see!!! post your scores here when youre done!!!
What did you score?

I scored 19. Some of those questions definitely make you think. Obviously I did not think enough since I missed six questions but since the average person only gets seven, I feel pretty observant.
"20 out of 25 >> That's pretty good!"... It should have been 23, why I always second guess myself I will never know. After all my years I know that my instinctive answer is always the best, however, I still always over think things. I was really hoping for another perfect score like the one I recently got on The Dumb Test. "You scored 0/18, you are 0% dumb" is what I think it said. Additionally some time back I took the IQ test and scored 143 which displayed a chart with my ranking in the 95 percentile.

The internet seems to think I am smarter than I think I am. I wish these sites did not have an ulterior motive, tempting you to buy or sign up for something. Otherwise, I might actually believe them. It would have been nice if I stayed in school long enough to take AIMS and SAT testing, to see how well I might have done whilst my mind was still sharp.

Sorry if it seems like I am tooting my own horn. Generally I am quite modest. This test just reminded me of previous ones that I have taken and I felt like sharing.
i think some problem with their server , what i can see is just a grren rectangle.I will try again after sometime.
Cddhesh wrote:
i think some problem with their server , what i can see is just a grren rectangle.I will try again after sometime.

I had the same problem in firefox, I had to open copy the link and paste it in to IE.
11 anyway its kinda funny, I'm Finnish so how should i know about us things?

I dont remeber ive heard about how many states there is..

when i walk i usually have my hands in my pockets..

All this standard things? who makes the standard? We have over 40 matches in one (standard)box in Finland..

Witch way ceiling fan rotates?

I ate hot dogs first time when i came in Canada but still havent bought any packs..

hmm i hope i didnt ruin anyones test by this Smile
17 out of 25.

I had to laugh at some of those questions, though. Others, however, really made me wonder why I don't notice more of my surrounding from day to day. I have to admit, I was proud of myself for getting the Campbell's Soup question right. Wink
18 out of 25, pretty good for a Belgian girl Smile I know how many states there are in the US, but don't know how many matches are in a standard pack (we have a lot in a standard pack) or how many hotdogs are in a pack (don't like them) But it was a fun quiz Smile
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