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Warranty problems

What would you do?
I purchased a dehumifier on 7/26/07 for my home. The unit is now not pulling moisture from the air. The warranty states "Company will repair or replace, in your home, any mechanical, electrical part or the compressor, which proves defective in normal household, use for a peroid of 12 months." I called their customer service#. Was told I had to send copy of receipt, 8" of power cord & serial# label to them with delivery confirmation at my expense along with $14.99 to cover shipping of a "new" unit. Finally after speaking with a supervisor they waived the $14.99 but I will still be out cost of fuel to go to post office, packaging material, copying cost & postage! This is NOT "in your home" as stated in the warranty. I should NOT be required to spend one penny or leave "home" with unit or parts of. In addition, "new" unit would only be warranty until 7/26/08 (original unit). I tried calling the corporate and got disconnected twice.
Well, if it would have been me I would have been furious. If it had progressed this far I would have gone personally to their shop at their busiest time and threatened the following actions quite loudly for everyone to hear:

A letter to the Editor of the newspapers in the area I live in, the ones that would do the company most harm
Some Newspapers also have special editorials on how people have been dealt unfairly with in shopping transactions
Possibly you can report them to an Advertising Standards organization, i.e. looks as though the company is advertising a service that it is not delivering on

If they still do not deliver on the service they promised in the advertisement, then I would act out the threats, i.e. do letters to all of the above.
in my country, we can report this kind of thing to consumer tribunal. usually, even if it's not the dealer fault, they will opt for what ever ridiculous demand from buyer to avoid spending on legal issue and bad reputation.
Presuming the whole postal turnaround is timely, I'd say you got off light. If it cost you $10.00 in postage and materials and even a few bucks for gas it's better than average warranty resolution. (I know some will say if everybody was like me there would be less accountability.) There are probably tens of thousands of people who get just plain robbed on warranties. And finally - Most of the repair people I see, I wouldn't want in my house anyway - but that's just me :)
Unbelieveable! Just received a letter form the State's Attorney General office - Consumer Protection Division informing me there is nothing within their jurisdiction that they can pursue. I thought that they had jurisdiction over any issues involving comsumer products sold in the state. DARN! Why am I wasting tax dollars funding an office that won't do it's job?
Sad but true. Given my above posting, just add government to the fist sentence.

"There's no morality in business. It doesn't have a conscience. It has only the cash register. They'll sell you crappy things that you don't need, that don't work, that they won't stand behind. It's a glorified legal form of criminal behavior." - George Carlin
the warrant should last a year from the replacemetn time.

but yes, the rest of it is legitimate, I'm sorry to say.
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