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Hurt Hamster

So, I have a dwarf hamster (Daisy). Daisy was in her hamster ball and somehow the top came off and she escaped. Before anyone realized what had happened, Daisy stumbled upon an old mouse trap (the gluey kind) under the radiator in the bedroom. Luckily, the trap was old and so the glue wasn't as good as it used to be, but she still got stuck pretty good on there. In her panic, she started chewing at her own fur to get herself off.

We discovered her down there and it didn't take much to get her off the trap, but now my poor little Daisy has a fairly sizeable wound on her neck where she was gnawing at the fur. It didn't seem to be bleeding, or at least, it wasn't bleeding enough to get on me, but I'm concerned that this is going to become infected or whatever...

How sensitive is this situation? Does anyone have experience with these kinds of things? I don't have the money to take her to a vet, but is there a product I can buy that can help her out?
I am not a vet or anything so I don't know how valuable my advice can be.
Anyway, the main concern is that the wound is to be infected by something. So, I would try to keep it clean as good as possible with water and maybe you can find something that is harmless to animals but what does clean the wound. I'd make sure her cage is cleaned on a very regular basis to prevent she gets infected with something that is in her cage (I don't deem that chance to be very large though). Just make sure the wound is clean and I think she'll be fine.

Hope this was of some help Smile
Thanks! I got a better look at her bald spot this morning. I think she had her fur pulled off, but I've decided it's not an open cut, which is good. And what's better, she's back to her old self after a night of R&R, so I think all is well. THe thought of trying to clean her cuts is not good...I think she'd probably just nip me and the cut wouldn't get clean...
That's positive. As long as only the fur is gone, there is no real chance of infection and thus no immideate danger. I hope your hamster will get furry again soon.
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