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fujitsu or lenovo, which will you suggest

i am going to buy a notebook but it's difficult to choose. there are so many brands.
someone told me a lenovo thinkpad is superb while an other suggested fujitsu, saying fujitsu is as good as ibm.
here, i would like to get your suggestion. i use the notebook mainly for word processing or the like, and i play some internet based games, i don't play need for speed.
I have heard of Fujitsu but I did not know they make laptops. Lenovo on the other hand has been making laptops in conjunction with IBM for years. I have heard a few complaints about size and/or weight of IBM laptops but I have not heard of any quality issues. Many corporations use IBM/Lenevo laptops so I think you are safe there.
Depends on models, but usually both of them roll out pretty solid laptops. Fujitsu-Siemens is actually the 6th largest notebook brand in the world, just not that popular in the United States. Don't choose a laptop just on brand, since these "brands" do nothing when it comes to actually building a laptop. I could recommend many other brands, but it all depends on your needs and price range.
Thanks for the above 2 replies Very Happy
I need a laptop that is, say, solid and can work smoothly for years. I will deal with something like an office document, excel, and the like. I seldeom play large 3d games since it's against the company rule Twisted Evil
The size should be 12-14 inches,weighing in kilogramme less than 2.5....
Hmm...I'm pretty sure both companies have laptops that can suit you. But first of all, what's your price range? And are you sure that you won't be doing anything more than the basic tasks? Oh, one other thing, what country do you live in (since certain models in the US aren't available elsewhere, and vice-versa)?
go for fujitsu. the only brand that fully made in japan instead of taiwan/china/hk.

ibm notebook (thinkpad) had been bought over by lenovo. it used to be the most "solid" notebook in the world where every intel's employee had one, but now thinkpad just became like the rest of other brand.
I recommend fujitsu-siemens too. They usually have a very good battery and in conjunction with Intel Dual-Core processors (from the T series) you can reach 4 hours of autonomy. This is useful if you want to take your laptop and relax for some time and you don't have a power source around (for example a hot-spot, drinking a coffee or something like that).

I don't know much about lenovo because they are expensive and the features don't justify the price Neutral.

Hm... returning to fujitsu-siemens ... the bad thing is that even the top notebooks have a shitty video card, perfect for word but unable to play a high bitrate movie or a game Neutral


I recommend something like this >> (2.49 Kg, good video card (suports HD playback), good proccesor, very good battery life (about 4,5 Hours !!), 160 GB hdd, 2 GB ram (max 4 GB))

I have an [b]ACER ASPIRE 5315 (2 GB ram, 160 GB hdd, Celeron 540, Video card: X3100 Intel)
and these laptops are very good. The laptops from ACER are the perfect choice when you want a value for money product. I would recommend this... but the weight of these laptops is not what you wanted:2.8 to 3 Kg.
Hm... another thing if you pass the weight problem: ACER ASPIRE laptops have the cooling fan on the bottom side .. so if you are not careful and you block the air sucked by the fan (when you work with the laptop in you lap Razz) it will overheat. BUT this is not for every model. So... go to the store or watch some pictures over the internet to see if one of ACER laptops suits you Razz
I own a Fujitsu A6020. It's outdated by far (they stopped making it), but it's still a good laptop. I've had no problem running a high-end graphics program (rhymes with Koto-Pop and Temiere), although it lags at times. The only problem I've had is that it runs hot and the sound card leaves much to be desired.

On the other hand, my cousin uses a Lenovo and it runs like a dream. Mind you, it's only 13 inches, but it's lightweight, runs light and rarely fails. I'm not too sure how fast or strong it runs, but he runs Adobe products as well.

They're both great Laptop brands, so it's up to you. Hopefully, this wasn't just random rambling to you.
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