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HuntSong, a role play forum for wolves


Admin- SkyFlight
Asstant admin- Storm
Global mods- ???

Current plot-

SkyFlight, sitting in the light of the open eye (the full moon), howled into the night. A new terible prophecy had come to her in her dreams. Reciting it once more befor returning to her slumber her voice was soft, but carried far into the dark

"~In the dark of night, under the half open eye, a pair of she-wolves give birth in the Vally of Dry Leaves. Each will lose pups, but only one will become the leader of the Shore Pack. And she will only do so by giving up what means the most to her.

In the Deepest Dark a shadow dwells, feeding on the fear of all the packs and when grown strong, will rise to destroy the newly forming packs. But only the fela who has lost the most and the young leader of the Shadow Pack have the strength and cunning to raise the army to vanquish the new evil.~"

Currently we have three members. (sad, I know.)
Because of this, I had to shut down the create your own character option.
But we have several exciting characters your can RP.

Darkheart- the leader of the mountain "pack" he uses cunning and fear to control the loners of the mountains and Outskirts. He wants to destroy the packs. Personality is listed in his Bio post.

Kimika- Alph Female of the shore pack. Pesonality is to be made up by whomever will RP her. Currently has five pups that have yet to be named. Mate-Heltre'

Heltre'- Alph Male of the Shore Pack. Pesonality is to be made up by whomever will RP him. Currently has five pups that have yet to be named. Mate-Kimika

ShadowTail- the beta of the Motain "pack". personality is listed in his Bio post.

Characters and RPers

Skyflight's charries
SkyFlight- star reader
NightSong- Shadow pack Alpha
Sheeva- loner

Arista's Charries
Arista- no pack
Daiku- no pack
Reika- No pack

Stormbreaker's Charries
Stormbraeker- no pack
Zara- Shadow pack (potentialy alpha female)
Kinza- no pack
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