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3D Art and animation


I love creating art with 3D software. Unfortunately I have to rely on the university to provide the use of the software so I'm not doing it everyday at the moment. I use 3DS MAx 7 and Maya 8.5 along with Photoshop CS3 and After Effects CS3.

Anyone into 3D graphics??

I'm a big fan of 3D modeling and graphic design. It's just a hobby to me, I was origially going to school for Graphic Design and Game Design, but switch majors to Networking and Internet Security. I mostly play around with Photoshop CS3. I have access to 3D Studio Max at school, but haven't used it enough to know what i'm doing. I wish I could persue both career paths, but for now graphics will just have to be a hobby.

I taught myself 3d Studio max a couple of years ago and did a couple of short animations. It was challenging but fun, and I certainly enjoyed myself at the time. I did find it very time consuming also, so I haven't done it in a while. May go back to it again in the future.

I also enjoy dabbling in Photoshop but once again haven't much with it of late. Amazing application and just tons of fun.
this is something I'd like to have a go at....could someone post a link or two to work they've done?
I've done a bit of 2D design with paintshop-pro, but am interested to expand.
I was exposed to Maya since version 7 in my school but never got a chance to try out 3DS Max... since we are discussing about 3D graphics, I might as well take the chance to ask about the pros and cons of the 2 softwares... Especially given the fact that they are now both under the same family... I would love to hear about things not only based on specifications difference but also things like usability, workflows, learning curve etc.
Hi guys

Thanks for the response.

I am hoping to post some 3D images on my website (hosted by Frihost) in the coming days.

It is good to play with the learning editions of the programs mentioned above, but you cannot render decent final images owing to constraints, but it is a good starter for learning and practising.

poppat wrote:

I love creating art with 3D software. Unfortunately I have to rely on the university to provide the use of the software so I'm not doing it everyday at the moment. I use 3DS MAx 7 and Maya 8.5 along with Photoshop CS3 and After Effects CS3.

Anyone into 3D graphics??


You can always move over to Blender and GIMP, they are open source and awesome for use..

I love working with 3D, using blender to create my work, works as good as any other 3D rendering software..

also see

its an open source 3D movie
u can download the movie, edit it and distribute

one of its kind approach, excellent for learning..
Im using 3dsmax en wanna change to cinema4d ,
du u think its vast to learn.
the reason why i would change is because of the price autodesk every year asks with ther subscrption
i now pay for the last time max2008 en therfor i search somthing else

help me thx
I use 3d-max 7 and maya 2008. Also photoshop for image editings....And flash for 2D graphics...
I just started trying my hand at 3d design and, even though it is quite challenging, I do enjoy it. I would love to see some of the work you guys and gals, have done. I will try to post some pictures of a few things I have done, but be warned, none of them are really outstanding. Can't really blame me though, really don't have much experience with the modeling aspect. But my textures look pretty good. (Thank you Photoshop CS3)

Due to copy right issues and such I won't put a direct link on here to it but if you search around Google for it you can find a 3ds max 9 torrent with a full crack for it along with Photoshop CS3.
3d graphics is also my main hobby, I started in 2001 and loved it ever since.

The main packages I use now are:

Rhino 3D
3DSmax with Vray
and Solidworks

I'm almost finished rendering a BMW Z3 so I hope to post it soon

Here's just a quick test render... I have everything modeled (including the interior) but I'm going to wait until i finilize my settings until I show it Smile

I modeled this is Rhino, and rendered in 3DSmax with vray

I love 3d too, but i use zbrush, its easy and you could import some of your works from maya 3dsmax etc. and retouch it there fix some, and then i use PS for final touches in my work
Haha, I have used Google Sketchup a bit for puzzling with a few simple 3D models.
I have been able to do it quite well, even though it is hard to create stuff.

It isn't actually the simplest and most intuitive 3D program out there. But then it was made mainly for designing houses and buildings for Google Earth.
I have just recently started to play around with and create with 3d tools but I have been running into alot of problems with my hardware being able to keep up with the software. I like what I have been able to do so far with it so far and plan on continuing to work on it.
Has anyone use Pro Desktop. My son will be using it next year at school.

I'm an admirer of 3D Art. I can look at it for ages. Totally mesmerizes me. Probably should try it out one of these days. Thanks for all the tips and software that one can use.
CS3 is quite the program: I continue to use it although CS4 is out. I took a class on Computer Art and Graphical Design in high school, and it helped me learn the basics of Photoshop along with a few techniques, like the "rule of thirds." The duration of the course was half a year, and was taught at a "relaxed" pace. A few of my friends also use photoshop, and they look to online tutorials for more advanced effects and layering techniques.

One thing I find ironic about designing in CS3 is that you can either spend 2 hours+ or 15 minutes on a piece of art. Sometimes, no matter how many times you change effects and alter a picture, the design that took you 15 minutes looks better than that which could take you hours! I'm not sure if that's just me, but it happens I guess.

I would advise that before beginning anything with CS3, you should probably take at least one tutorial or even read about the toolboxes and basics of Photoshop.
I am slightly into 3d graphics but im not amazingly good, i use 3ds max.
I am always fascinated whenever I see anything created using 3D art. When I see it I feel that I want to do it too. But I haven’t learned anything like that ever. I am nor sure where to start from. I don’t have that much time I can spend. But I think it is something amazing. I have always loved 3d movies. I think it is great art.
i like the digitalblasphemy things..prefer maya and studio max ...
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Hello everyone.
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