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[Romance] CAMUS, Albert

The Happy Death


Work posthumous published in 1971; Camus tells a story goes, in large part, in the 30's in Algeria, the years of 1930; Patrice Marsault, main character, is an employee who lives a mediocre love with Marthe case, and that knows her ex-lover Roland Zagreus, refined man, possessions, and invalid; Patrice kills Zagreus to rob him from that day, is to live an independent life; part to Prague and then return to Algeria, in search of sun not found in Europe. Camus to this story reviving the neighborhood of Belcourt, Algeria, which passed its infancy; his job as a shipping agent; his trip to Central Europe in the summer of 1936, and its passage by Italy in 1937; their hospitalizations in sanatórios ( TB); their lives in Maison Fichu, in the hills of Algeria, in 1936, his marriage to Simone Hué, and subsequent disruption - his second marriage was with Francine Faure, in 1940.


Honeymoon, the summer


In Honeymoon, his work on the fundamental eflúvios of lost time, perfectly portrays the emptiness and the remains found in the Algerian desert of souls. That feeling of emptiness and loss, however, enlameado de Sol, Camus contains all his work with a concept of "absurd", highlighting, with this, the paradoxalidade the world.

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