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Have you ever been to Vegas?
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So, my boss just told me he wants me to go to Vegas for some business. How cool and bad is that? Cool b/c I've never been and bad b/c I'll be couped up during the days while I'm there Sad Oh well, the city never sleeps.

Have you ever been to Vegas and what should I do in the evenings? Thanks!
I've been to Vegas numerous times because I don't live too far away. There are many things that you can do. One of the funnest things to do, in my opinion, is simply walk through all of the hotels. Most of the hotels on The Strip (Las Vegas Blvd.) have themes. For instance, my favorite hotel, The Luxor, has an Egyption theme. Everything there looks like Egypt. There are many other hotels (Circus Circus, New York, New York, etc.) that all have their themes. I like to just walk through them because of the magnificent architecture. Casinos are everywhere, if you like to gamble. If you want the fun of gambling without losing a lot of money, you can go downtown where they still have a few casinos with penny machines. Clubs are everywhere, and it isn't hard to find a strip club if you're in to that. It's not that hard to find something to do. There are also many shows. Some of them are free (the circus act at Circus Circus and the pirate show at Treasure Island), so I'd try and see some of those. Others are expensive, so you may want to avoid those. If you can, I'd try and take a day or two off work and stay there for an extra couple of days so that you can do some of this. If you can't take the time off and stay an extra couple days, then you should still be able to do a lot of this because you can do almost anything at night.
I want to go there in Las Vegas. I wanna play in every great casinos and buy in its shoppings and all stuff of this. I live in Colombia and I never go out of my country, but I would love that my first destination would be Las Vegas.
Vegas is an amazing place. When I was there I stayed at the MGM. An enormous Hotel. Almost scary for me as when we arrived there were huge line-ups of a big party that had just arrived. All Hotels are enormous and gambling everywhere from the moment you walk in and around the clock 24 hours. Also went to the Flamingo.

One of the highlights for me was a visit to the Liberace Museum (see at link below). That was a memorable experience. Everything glittering and spectacular the way he used to be:
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