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How nameserver works --- important

i registered a domain at there they asked for just the nameserver, and i entered both of the frih name servers.

In the direct admin on frihost server, i added the domain, and it started working. Is it always so simple? I mean anyone else too on the same server can add the same domain to its server and it will start creating problems, is it?

Please guide me in this respect.
Domain can be added only once. It cannot be added again on the same server -- it will throw an error. So don't worry.

If it is added to some other server, it doesn't work. So don't worry about this too Smile
Ok here is a nice guide

1) you have set name server to frihost

2) domain added to frihost control panel

Since the domain is direct to frihost server only your frihost control panel has control since it is scripted on the server to let you control it.

If you make on frihost it will take you to the index and that is it.
if someone else adds it and they add the same to theirs and to get to the sub-domain they will have 2 problems;
1) connect to frihost server find
a) the sub-domain might not exist
b) if it does then it shows your page
2) Their control panel never looks on their server where they host files because you set the name-server to frihost.

In the end they have 2 choices
1) delete the domain off there control panel due to the fact it wouldn't do much good
2) keep it and waste their own time.

Your control panel either it's Cpanel or Direct Admin must be on the server for the control panel to control domains because it needs to create/edit behind the scenes virtual host files
Since you have entered the domain in your cPanel, only you have the control over it. That means that even if anyone else tried to add that domain, they won't be able to do so. You have nothing to worry about.

And yes, it is that simple.
thanks guys!!! Very Happy

But i think there is still risk (if i use frih name servers and someone on frihost do it before me. Same applies to all shared hostings).
imagefree wrote:

But i think there is still risk (if i use frih name servers and someone on frihost do it before me. Same applies to all shared hostings).

Well.. considering you are the only one with access to the domain names control panel (where you establish the Name Servers), i don't see how that could be a risk. why would anyone add a domain that doesn't exist to their control panel?? (you set up the Name Servers when you create the domain name)

And even if it happens and you have problems setting up the domain, simply remove the Name Servers from the domain control panel and it will not point to any other web page until you sort it out with us.

Be Well Cool
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