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US On-Line Businesses who sell DVDs Internationally?

Does anyone know of US businesses on the Internet who sell DVDs internationally? I would like to purchase DVDs but find that businesses in North America who trade DVDs on the Internet either for sale or rentals are restricted to North America. Regions outside North America usually have a much more limited choice in selection of movies, especially older movies (not the classical ones). Also I am in a #2 region. I would like an on-line DVD store in North America where I can purchase DVDs for personal use that can be couriered to me for #2 region.
Maybe I misunderstood your question, but what about ?
I get all my movies from Walmart, Kmart Family Video website. Other then that I think there pirated. I don't trust online sites because I am not going to pay for something and have FBI on my rear saying I am support pirated material. I do trust amazon and few other sites.
Maybe I misunderstood your question, but what about

Thanks for the help. Amazon limits on what it ships to the Middle East. We can only receive books. Adobe also has limitations on software that one can purchase online in the Middle East. One is forced to subscribe to an Adobe Website for the Middle East and at almost double the price to that in the United States. With Sony products they market different products in the Middle East and products that are almost a year behind. For example the Sony computers are limited to laptops and not desktops. If you would buy a Sony camera it could turn into a nightmare, since models that you purchase could be two years old by the time you need batteries the batteries may have become extinct or just completely difficult to obtain.

The selection of DVDs here is poor. There are many DVDs that I would like to purchase, but are unavailable at any of the outlets over here. I would have to travel to the United States to buy the ones I like, and then of course invest in a new DVD player that is Region Free. It would have been neat do have been able to have a much wider selection of DVDs that I could have purchased on an Online store. Difficult to understand why this is not possible. If I can purchase Vitamins and health products from the United States online without any hazzles and have it shipped to me by courier within a week, why not DVDs? No wonder they are pirating the stuff!!!
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