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How to use fax?

Ok. So it may sound like a pretty dumb question.

I have a lexmark all-in-one (series x2300) - printer, photocopier, scanner, and fax.

Fax would really come in useful, especially lately.

Do I need dial-up internet to use the fax?

If so, is there a program that has the ability to convert the dial-tones that the phone makes so I can send fax? Or a program that will allow me to send fax without dial-up?

I have broadband internet, my ISP is Virign.

Any help would be appreciated.
The first question is whether you have a dial up modem. You will connect your regular phone line to the modem, just like you would to a regular fax machine (it goes through the phoneline like a regular call, you don't need dialup). Put the document you want to fax on the scanner. You then have to open the lexmark imaging Studio (it probably came on the cd with your printer). Click the Fax button, and you should be able to do it from there. Receiving faxes might be a bit of a pain since you have to have the imaging studio open. If you need more help the user guide is available online at:
I think there is a program that comes with Lexmark that you can fax from your computer. I dont know if that what you are trying to do or not. But it lets you organize everything from the computer and send it from your computer. All you have to do is have your all-in-one hooked up to your phone and your all-in-one hooked up to your computer. I think what I told you to do is right if i understood your question right.
Thank you for your replies so far.

I know I have the software to do it. Even without the lexmark software windows XP has its own built-in features to send fax.

However, I do not have a dial-up connection ... I am unable to connect my PC to a phone line to receive a dial tone.
I have broadband, provided by my ISP Virgin, which uses a modem.

I completely forgot what type of connection it is called...might be ADSL?

Basically, modem connected to PC via ethernet. Then a cable runs from the modem into a small box on the wall outside.

So ... I do not have dial-up.

Its it possible to use fax with my current connection?
You do not need dialup, just a modem. If you don't have a modem (most computers do) you could buy a cheap usb modem. It would be really hard to try to do it over the internet, you might as well start scanning documents and attaching them to emails.
The all in one machine probably has a phone jack connection on it.
Every fax machine I've seen has one.
Plug the phone line directly into the fax machine.
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