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Storm Hawks

I keep wondering when the people from my generation, the ones that grew up watching Disney Afternoon, and the various Saturday Morning cartoons, will hit the studios... I mean judging from SpongeBob and Fairly Odd Parents, the people who grew up watching The Jetsons have had their turn... Sometimes I'd like to see something with a little more... Story... Setting... Consistency... Lack of Patrick Star Running Around in His Sweaty Briefs... (Am I the only one who finds that disturbing?)

Presenting: Storm Hawks - It's a rare occasion that I actually watch television, but when I do, I can't help but notice the two flavors of cartoon available today. That'd be American cartoons that are all cheesy jokes, and Japanese cartoons that are all crappy animation and people yelling at each-other... Anyhow I wasn't quite sure which category Storm Hawks fit into when I first ran into it, turns out it doesn't.

No seriously, don't let the obvious anime influence, the occasional dumb joke, or the 3D with cartoon filter look, (bleagh) send you running away, this one's pure gold. Here's what to expect:
    Beautifully crafted, quirky, unique characters
    Really cool battle scenes interspersed with slapstick gags
    Giant airships *Glee*
    Villains that make Negaduck look like an ideal babysitter...
    Dogfights with swords
    More anthro characters than you can shake a furlough issue at (Canadian Snow Rabbits!)
    Blatant Star Wars, (and admittedly, Shrek) references speckled throughout
    They ride motorcycles that turn into airplanes!!!
My only complaint would be that it occasionally feels like watching someone play a video game, what with all the 3D, dogfights, monsters, "special" moves (just an excuse to use the same five seconds of animation thirty times), and the constant clamor for power crystals. Otherwise, it's reminiscent of the 90s cartoons I grew up watching.
(Imagine the kids from Recess, in the world from TaleSpin, now give them glowy swords, an airship, make a couple of them aliens, and have them ride Freaking Motorcycles that turn into Airplanes!!! And you get the general idea...
I watched a couple episodes, and it's actually not half bad. I expected it to be over-the-top corny and awkward animation. It was overly corny, but it worked with the personalities of the characters, but it also had some serious moments. I'm definitely not the target audience for this show, but I would let my kids (if I had any ^_^) watch it.
They'd have to be 12+ before I'd let my kids watch it... I don't have any but that Cyclonis chick is spooky...
I watch this cartoon once in a while, and enjoy it. Although, some episodes can be pretty boring.
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