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Oldies Music

I like oldies. You know 50-80's. I like them all. Rock and Roll Baby. Does anybody else like oldies music. If you do tell me who your favorite is. I like to hear what other people like.
aceventura2225 wrote:
I like oldies. You know 50-80's. I like them all. Rock and Roll Baby. Does anybody else like oldies music. If you do tell me who your favorite is. I like to hear what other people like.

I'm into 70'-90's, my favorites are bands like Aerosmith, Guns 'N Roses, Joy Division, The White Stripes,...
I like only some of oldies, but can't recollect any at this moment. I definitely prefer new music.
Hi, I'm an oldie myself. Born in the '50s, grew up in the '60s with the Beatles , the Stones, the Who and all that great stuff, matured in the '70s with David Bowie, Roxy Music, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Talking Heads etc. And still enjoing it!
I am a big fan of the 50's and 60's. The Beatles, as well as their solo endeavors, would rank at the top - their music is a relevant now as it was 40+ years ago. I also like most of the British Invasion - Herman's Hermits, Rolling Stones, etc... - and our own Surf Sound - Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Dickie Dale, etc....

I just cannot get myself to consider 60's groups as OLDIES, though....
My dad listens only to soft rock from the 70's and 80's. Hate that he does, because he often likes new music but keeps on falling back to the same songs. My own style is Trance and Dance, so a lot of 90's and 2000's. Don't really know why you should listen old music, since there will always be a modern band playing about the same music. Guess you guys just listen to it to remember the "good old times" or something. Rolling Eyes
From the 60s, I like the stones, the Kinks, Small Faces
From the 70s, I like Led Zep, Faces, Sex Pistols, Creedance Clearwater
From the 80s, I like Guns and Roses, The Jam, U2
From the 90s, I like Oasis, Stone Roses, Metallica
Froms the 2000s, I like Wildhearts, and may be a few more but struggling to find consistantly good bands - maybe Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, White stripes?
I know a lot of the above span more than one decade - but I have placed them in the decade when I remembered them.
Must also mention one band that has made great music in the 70s, 80, 90, and 2000s - The mighty Motorhead.
So what I'm saying is every generation produces good music - but the past 8 years is a bit of a rough patch in my opinion.
oldies is for old people, like me (~50), but when I put it on my young kids pick it up. This shows real good music does not age.
Or you're just brainwashing those poor minds. Rolling Eyes
I listen to alot of oldies because I get bored quick of the newer songs out as radio and television usually plays them out too much. I've been listening to alot of Chicago, Air Supply, UB40 and The Foreigner lately.
Hm, mostly 50s for me.... Listened to speedy west n jimmy bryant this morning... from 56.
yeah oldies kick ass!

Especially the vocal jazz singers: Billie Holiday, Louis Prima etc. timeless!!
love me do......michelle....i will.....all my loving.......and many more music from the beat of the beatles! whooooh!!!!!!!!!!! they really sound great! theyre songs are never forgotten.... i have read a lot of beatles songs even their history. could you imagine, i was born the year 1981 and yet, i know their songs! and the fact that they are my favorite band! Beatles song were simply amazing coz they cover all the beats of music....they have rock n roll, ballad, lovesongs and pop! All in one band! and the way they create their songs simply hits the billboard top 100 songs!
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