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If you became an ultimate leader of your country...

If you became the "ultimate leader/dictator" of your countries, what changes would you make? I was thinking about this... If I became the ultimate dictator of the United States, I would do the following:

1. Legalize all illegal drugs - The U.S. has lost trillions of dollars on their "war on drugs" and that money has essentially been wasted. I see people smoking marijuana all the time. Our jails are filled with drug users (to the point where they actually have to release people early, to make more room for other inmates). Many crimes are related to dealing drugs. Prohibition was attempted in the 1920's in the U.S. and it failed. So has this. The biggest thing is simply the blundering of all this money. All drugs should be legal and regulated by the government, that was they can be taxed.

2. I would get rid of the voting age. Saying, "Oh you're 18 so now all of a sudden you're smart enough to make an informed decision" is ridiculous to me. Instead I would want to make a test that you have to pass in order to vote. If you can pass this basic test (it would be about the government and how it works), then I would allow you to vote. It's as simple as that. I'm sure that there's 12-year-olds that are smarter than many 60-year-olds out there.

3. I would get rid of many laws that have proved to be ridiculous and just a waste of money.

4. You can't say anything in this country without worrying about offending something. I would try as hard as I can to make everybody stop being so freakin' babyish...

That's just a few things that I would start with... I would make many other changes as well.
I wouldn't legalize ALL illegal drugs. There are some drugs that are illegal for good reason. Marijuana is one I would legalize as it has absolutely zero addicting effects and is only illegal due to cotton farmers lobbying to make it illegal because they saw it as competition (happened long ago). I don't think smoking marijuana is a crime at all and shouldn't be. Something like heroin or meth though, I think they're fine the way the laws set up with them.

Don't know about getting rid of the voting age. Maybe lowering it and trying to make sure people are more informed before they go into the polling booths. Although that would be a very difficult task and less democratic.

I agree on #4.
Were I to ever become the warlord of this my puny weak land, I'd dissolve the state coercion forces, burn every damn regulation, and organize non-optative elections for a fine-grained express mandate, direct democracy each five hundred citizens of my country.Then I'd probably get myself shot or something so the reactionary response doesn't manage to get me alive.
Oh yeah, I would get rid of FoxNews...mostly for reasons of this nature:
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