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Unknown variable "character_set_results"?

How do I set this variable?

Some configuration file for MySQL needs the following text:


Whatever character set isn't as important as this variable be present in the config file. Upgraded to new version of MySQL and that is cool!!! Only a couple more steps and I can really get down to programming some cool stuff.

I just don't know how to set this up given my level of access.
Still having problems with this.

Can anyone set up this variable?
ok, i think I have a fix...

This change needs to be made in the "my.cnf" file in the "/etc" or "/usr/local/mysql" -- or possibly "/usr/local/mysql/data folders."

All I want you to add is the following code:


character_set_results = latin1

- OR -


character_set_results = utf8

I can tell you that this line doesn't exist, because my computer gets error, and mysql is telling me


#1193 - Unknown system variable 'charater_set_results'

I got this idea from the following page: - some page

I thought server two was upgraded to the latest version of MySQL?
Everything I can find on this issue is that it is not an issue any more for anyone but me apparently.
I think I remember seeing a post that server two is mysql 5.0 now, and this is a 5.0 alpha bug, so I'm guessing they have since corrected this issue.
bondings will upgrade, it just might take a while.
Check it Rvec, I have over 400 posts! yeah! Very Happy Exclamation

I was commenting about it in this post in General Chat

It's funny, this bug was supposed to be fixed in MySQL 5, and we were on some MySQL 4.? version and I saw that bondings had posted about the upgrade to 5.0 and was totally excited.

So I tried my ODBC connector again and sure enough the problem is the same and the bug remains. Turns out it's still a bug in 5.0 and has now been fixed in 5.1 or something like that.

They said this would be fixed in 5.0, dang it all! Mad

I continue to wait I guess. Bonding's work is never done, I'm sure, cause there is always an upgrade or a few of them to perform, and on top of that he has to write reponses to all of our stupid questions. hehe! Twisted Evil

Get this too I am bound to ODBC driver 5.1 for the time being as well. What I am trying to do must be run through this driver...most of the old versions of this driver have bugs.

Grrrrr, Microsoft!!! I'm not down on Microsoft, but it's true that they totally disrespect the products of other companies. Their own products are trouble enough to get to work together, although it's getting much better, but they almost always have problems with connectors, drivers, and other software written to interface, or use another vendors products.
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