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Customer Service turnaround

Tony The Tiger
I am very annoyed with my Hewlett Packard customer service. In order to receive service you must contact them to send you a shipping carton which will at best be received overnight. Then, when you send it to them even if they receive it at 7:30 A.M. as was the case with my computer, they can not return it to you for at least one full day after fixing it because they place all serviced computers under observation for 24 hours. Thus with overnight shipping on all three legs the fastest service you can receive is four business days. I am going to switch back to Dell with my next purchase if the computers are at all similar.
Tony The Tiger
Hewlett Packard has the most disorganized customer service I have ever seen. According to Federal Express, Jun 6, 2008 7:33 AM Delivered FREMONT, CA. According to Hewlett Packard tech support my computer had a Defective Unit Receive Date: 06/09/2008. On the 9th they sent me a notice that my computer had an Expected Delivery Date:06/17/2008. So I told them to send it to my grandmother's house in New Orleans which is where I will be next week. Today I received a notice that it will ship today. I called them and told them to ship it to Chicago, which is where I live. When I called they said my grandmother had already signed for it in New Orleans.
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