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two websites that I am working on

Hello all,

Please check out two websites that I am working on and any feedback, suggestions and comments will be greatfully received.

Thanks in advance
On the Yorkshire Memorials site, I think it would be best to change the link rollovers a little. In their over state, they blend in too much with the background. Otherwise that site looks pretty good.
I agree with Magicman. If you really want the gradient, put the links on a background so you can still read it easily.

As for the Breece, the availability page just displays blank calendars, but perhaps you are not done coding this section yet.

One suggestion on the Breece site: I don't know if you can do this or not, but it might be nice to have some interior photographs of the rooms than just the room layouts. I also would like to see the room layouts look more like part of the site. Right now, it looks like they were just quickly scanned in and thrown up there. I might try tracing it in Illustrator or another vector editing program and then importing to the website as a .png. That way you would get transparency around the drawings, but not have the halo that gif images leave. Also, you could just put in the room you want to show rather than the whole floor.

One more thing about Breece: it is kind of difficult to read the text. I like that the background is the photo of the hotel, but I might try a combination of selecting a thicker typeface and lightening the background slightly maybe put in less contrast.

Anyway, a great start and I'm sure your clients will be quite happy.
For :

Fill in the blank spot on the top right of the header somehow...try an image or something but make sure it blends with the rest of the site well.

Second, the hover gradients that you have on your menu make the links hard to read...links should be readable no matter what.

Third, you should be able to click on the images of the memorials and see a bigger picture of them.

Fourth, on the inscriptions page under the INSCRIPTIONS header, you should move the text over so that there's no blank spot right below the header.

Hope this helps!
I agree with the above post about the it needs more photos of the inside. I would also scrap the availability page and concentrate on providing info about the hotel as people that are interested are going to call to check availability anyway.
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