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Does anyone here practice polygamy?
if you don't know what it means... it is when you have more than one wife. they both know and are comfortable with it.
alot of Mormons are polygamist.
It was illegal in my country. It was removed from civil law just a few years ago. However it's still null any marriage of a person who is already married some one else.
It's also illegal in my country... but people still do it.
I don't agree with it myself. I find marriage to be a scared thing that should be with one person.
That's just me though.
I thought about taking up polygamy once though lol.
I didn't.
I just read Under the Banner of Heaven, which avidly depicts Mormon Fundamentalism, and the history behind it. First things first:

1. The Mormon church, The First Church of Christ and the Latter Day Saints, has officially renounced polygamy as a religious practice, because it often results in feuds among wifes, rape, incest, and even sexual acts with children as young as 14, or even 12. Mormon Fundamentalists, not actual Mormons, still practice Polygamy because it was doctrine written by America's greatest con man, the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith. Fundamentalists follow this because the original doctrine was based on the idea that, "If it feels good to the man, then it is obviously a Godly practice."

2. While I disagree with the way the practice has come about, my girlfriend probably wouldn't mind being a polygamist bride. I wouldn't ever do it, though, if none of my wives were comfortable with it. Otherwise, it has become a vile practice where men claim more than fifty wives over their lifetimes, some being their own children, or children passed off to them by their friends. It's a deplorable practice, and it singlehandedly let to the downfall of Joseph Smith and the Mormon Church, causing so much bloodshed in the American west.
I disagree with it 100% too.
It does lead to a lot of bad things, it degrades women in a way.
There is a difference between religious polygamy that some Mormons, Muslims and Hindu sects practice and that all too often oppress women
non-religious polyamory/polyfidelity.

There are many non-religious people - some straight, some bisexual and some homosexual - that find themselves increasingly dissatisfied with monogamous relationships and are engaging in poly relationships.

The government has no business telling people what type of relationships they can have and should not be targeting poly relationships - BUT the actual crimes that the Mormon sect has been committing (Rape, Incest, Molestation, etc.). This reeks of how the government use to persecute and stereotype the Gay community.

"The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation." - Pierre Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister 1968-1979, 1980-1984)
I am not a polygamist and since I am a hopeless romantic prefer one on one relationships, however there are a few very good things to be said for polygamy. For example a brother's brother may have died and the brother's wife has young children and nowhere to go to. Why not take her in? And to take her in it may be good to formalize the relationship?

It would be an interesting exercise to estabish the statistics of extra-marital affairs. As I think many constitute the act of polygamy without a formal marriage. One of the most painful relationships in life resulting in many classical works of art. Then of course men who fall in love with other women, may still love their wives. I would say technically it becomes polygamy if you divorce in order to marry someone else. It just becomes a very cumbersome way of taking on a new wife, as in most cases you still have to look after your first wife. In fact some husbands who divorce from their wives in order to marry their heart throbs go into excruciating pain of guilt. They are still thinking and living for two women in their lives. To me that has to be polygamy?

Historically politically there are hundreds of cases of rulers of countries marrying the daughters of rulers of other countries so that they can become part of one country. So of course if the ruler has to have more than one territory added, polygamy then becomes a practical way of doing it?

On the negative side polygamy can be used as a way of power and control over women. And of course that is being practised in abundance in certain countries where polygamy is still around. Again though, this can also easily be the case in the West where a husband takes on a lover, openly. Difference of course is that his wife has the freedom of choice to move out, although difficult to do when she is dependent on him when their are children in the house.

I just think polygamy is very subtle and that it is not that much different than from before. All that separates it are pieces of paper.
First of all, I came to think of it while reading your answers, why do people take it for granted that polygamy means one guy with a lot of wives, and not the other way around? - Of course this has not been too common through history, but is still an option.

In my country polygamy is illigal, and has been so for a very long time, as far as I know. So we have no tradition for it, what so ever. But having more lovers at once is, of course, a subject of different matters...
It is also illegal here. Marriage should be a special bond between two people only. It's not really that special between 3+ people is it?
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