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Anybody know anything about marketing a website?

What I want to do is hire one of those firms that sends an email out to a million opt in email addresses. Anybody ever had any experience with this? Can you recommend a good company?
what is you web site about? i have one i just stared afew months ago and i will apreciate any suggestions on how to improve it
Are you selling stuff?
Think I would do the marketing myself if I were you. You do not have to do all of it on the first day.

I would start with the most obvious marketing first, which is to ensure that your Website is of interest, and a good test is to check through all the available Groups in Yahoo and Google. If your Website does not fit at least one of the profiles, you may need to change some aspects of it.

I.e. if you are selling a product, you need to have as many articles about related subjects, and the articles qualify for the Groups. You can then submit your Website to the Groups for consideration. Usually you have to wait a few weeks before anything happens.

You can also buy ranking, although I would wait a while. I.e. first have a perfectly tested Website before spending money on advertising.

When you have got this far with hopefully lots of interesting information on your Website you can check up on the best discussion groups. The plan is not to advertise your Website immediately, but to actually find out more about your topic, bounce off ideas about the subject matter, you may even learn about new things you can incorporate in your Website. If you are passionate about your Website, you may even become a serious participant in the discussion groups. At the point when you feel you are considered in a serious way, you can gently refer people to articles in your Website.

Another marketing tool is to discover related Websites to yours. For example if you are selling persian carpets, there may be an online store selling antiques, and maybe you can exchange links or become affiliates.

At this stage you can have your own Newsletter, as you will note all people have that, provided of course it will be a good Newsletter. And when people visit your Website, ask them whether they would like to subscribe and whether they would be interested in receiving information about products or product updates. That kind of thing.

These are some ideas, what I usually find is that if you are the principal marketer of your Website, things take off spontaneously. You both discover opportunities to improve your Website by being in touch with the people you want to market your product to, as well as work up an address list of people who are interested in your product. You also have opportunity for genuine feedback.
Think you received really good points from deanhills in the previous post!

Yes, the reason you want people to visit your site is really important. I would be careful on picking just any company to send out emails for you in a random way because you could be wasting your money and that kind of thing can even hurt you.

Properly, a good marketing strategy should target or qualify your emails to specific persons to be effective. Sending out random mailings can even be considered hostile Spam which is maybe what you don’t want and to pay a company to do that to you is not really a good thing.

Some companies do market research for particular products and will sell a list of names of the people that have already shown interest in your kind of product. Sorry, I am not able to supply to you any company names as I have been away from that kind of thing for a while now but I can tell you that those kind of companies that do actual research do have a much higher success rate than just companies that do random bulk emailing.

Hope this helped in some small way.
spamming damages any good image your company may have.

A quick look through old forum topics brought up these:

look yourself though, I'm a very lazy browser.
You can always use digg, craiglist, and discussion forums like this to promote your website. Facebook has grown in popularity and one can certainly exploit its capabilities. Free local classifieds, and boads in colleges is a good way too, I think.
mightyventures wrote:
I’ll cover this biz building topic extensively on June 5 and 6 at my Results Now Summit in San Francisco. Besides a million-dollar education in business acceleration, there will financing opportunities, networking opportunities and enough strategies for success to launch your business into the stratosphere!
I've been to a Seminar like that in Dubai. It was a 3-day event and I paid quite a lot of money to attend. I found it educational, but also opportunistic as it is not much different to pyramid selling. People with Internet businesses are invited to do presentations and they get people to subscribe to their marketing products and services, as well as create links to their existing Websites and of course manage to obtain massive traffic to their sites.

The only real value to be obtained from those Seminars is when one has an objective head when you attend them. You should already have a clear idea of the Website that you would like to create including the content. The ideal would be to have it ready to go. Acknowledge that those doing their presentations are there in their own self-interest in the first place. They are also professional presenters and good at marketing themselves and selling their tools and services. And then learn their tools. None of which is complicated and all of which has already been covered previously in the thread.
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