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Windows XP Vs. Vista

what's everyone's opinion? I think that XP's actually better for a number of reasons. Anyways, here's a list of pro's and con's.

Vista Pros.
1. Has a 64 bit version-4 gigs of ram ftw
2. um...anything else? o_O
3. Works with lots of programs (windows in general does that)

Vista Cons.
1. Compatibility issues with some programs
2. Numerous other issues with lots of stuff
3. It's windows.

XP Pros.
1.Less compatibility issues
2.More familiar to most people
3. Almost no problems running games

XP Cons.
1. Can only run 32 bit
2. Will eventually be forgotten and no new drivers for things /updates will be released
3. It's still windows.

Any opinions and other things to add to the list is good.
Vista Cons:
* obtrusive user access control (Linux sudo / su is much better and safer because it needs password entry)
* a DRM implementation which slows down the whole system when playing music (well it seems to do that, audiodg.exe)

Vista Pros:
* better wireless support, for example you can now make an ad-hoc wireless network out-of-the-box
one thing that annoys me about windows is how it gets so bloated so quickly. it seems like every software that gets installed feels the need to have something run on startup. after a while the whole thing starts to suffer. its one of the reasons ive switched over to linux i find the whole OS to be much better
Vista cons.

It seems to take forever to boot (much longer than my XP or Linux PCs which are similar specification).

Explorer is constantly crashing so I have to start Task Manager, log off & sign back on again (if I'm lucky, otherwise it's a re-boot)

It keeps losing my printer (device not attached)

All my software seems to run slower than on XP (I wanted to extract a clip from a movie and Movie Maker took almost 4 minutes to load - under XP with all the same programs minimised it took less than 1 minute. I guess that's down to how much RAM Vista uses).

Also, and I don't know whether this is down to Vista or AOL, but the PC randomly disconnects from the internet and I have to sign in again. That is extremely frustrating. Plus, more often than not on re-boot I get a message saying "The AOL Connectivity Service is not running" and I can't connect to the net at all. That involves repeatedly re-booting until the Connectivity Service decides to load; and with the time Vista takes to boot, that can waste 15 minutes or more (on 1 particular occasion it took 8 re-boots - over 30 minutes!). AOL say it's a problem with Vista, MS say it's AOL's fault. All I know is it's goddam annoying!

Vista pros.

I've struggled to think of any, but as a minor pro my Sony video camera connected via Firewire straight away with the pre-installed drivers rather than having to go throught the lengthy process of installing from CD (which it wouldn't do anyway due to compatibility issues). That certainly does not make up for all the cons though.

On the whole my opinion of Vista is that it sucks - and that's not just my opinion. I recently found out that Sony are shipping XP downgrade disks with their Vista Vaio PCs. I think that says it all.
With the given, I'll be sticking with Windows XP for a while. Maybe when I get a new computer, I'll consider Vista. Smile
better appearance and 3d switching in windows....
moving background.
safer system(somewhat like a linux) with constant request for user's permission.
direct 10.
a newer os which you can search for the unknow.
and, it's vista...
I think Vista is for new Games(because dx10) and xp for old Games or working
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