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Online Grand Strategy Games

I am interested in knowing if anyone else here plays online war games/strategy/role playing games?

By this I don't mean WoW. WoW is a not a role playing game. It is a hack/slash game.

I mean more things like Birthright (D&D based game of intrigue, politics, and conquest), or online risk, diplomacy etc.

Personally, I enjoy strategy games that allow for more success based on your skill with words, then with dice. So I lean more towards diplomacy then risk, for example.

Anyways - interested in anyone else's opinions here. Cheers!
Hey there,

I'm an ex-wower and I quit because the game doesn't change. It is a world where you walk around, fight, and die. There is no WIN. EVE Online is something like wow, but it DOES change.

Its a galaxy, INCREDIBILY big, I mean its like huge, it takes hours and hours of flying to get from the outer border to the inner one. You travel in a space ship.

You can kill people, but you also have mining industries, you can BUILD space stations. You run things like a space station with your corporation, become a trader, do huge PVP operations (wich is alot more complicated and flexible then WoW)

And something remarkable about the game; you lose stuff when you 'die'. If you're space ship is blowed up by an NPC/other player, you will need to buy a new one. Ofcourse, you can insure your ship, for some money. When your ship is blown up, you get in your 'POD'. If poeple kill you in your POD (a little space ship), you actually die. When you die, you get back to your last 'clone'. So make sure you always have a clone!

Something else is that there is only one Server/Realm!

If you are planning to start it, and I hope you do, something to note about the game that it is incredibily boring in the beginning, and extremely complex. It has LOADS and LOADS of functions and types of gameplay, and can be a little bit confusing at the beginning.

Like they say in EVE:
Fly safe,
Imperial Conflict may give you what you desire. Its a team based strategy war game set in space. Diplomacy is a massive massive part of it.

Enjoy Wink
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