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Using Video on a Website

Hi everyone, I'd like to know how I can shoot a video and add it to my site. Is anyone familiar with adding video to their site?

I'd like some information from others on how to shoot a video to post because I have never done it before.

Upon searching, here are some tips that I found but I'm not sure if others who are experienced in posting/uploading video here agree with them.

Thanks for your help! Smile
I highly recommend using a video hositng service like, or even youtube.

Videos use a lot of bandwidth, so hosting them yourself is probably not the best idea - though if you want to, just find a drop-in flash streamer and use that, thats bound to be the easiest diy solution.
Best to way is to convert your video after editing to .flv format. place it in a flash and put the flash in your html. Youtube and most of other sites use video in flv format.
If you don't want to connect your life with video hostings, you can upload your video on your site and use HTML <embed> tag.
I don't remember how to use it right, but I remember that it exists Smile
Hey, I agree with mscon. Obviously you will need Adobe flash to do this. Inside of flash you can select file>import video from the drop down menu. The wizard takes you through the rest ....

Also pretty extensive range of skins.
I think that MGC77 (topic founder) was thinking more about what I am planing to do on my site, namely after hosting video on youtube, there will load a normal youtube video window on my site but it won't load it self, only it would be with blanked frame in background and play button. Then after strted given video it would load as on youtube. Maybe for couple days I will find some time to search about it on my own, but for now I'm drowning in work, eh....
Hey, thanks for the tips guys, this is just something I'm planning to do when I get the time also! Right now I'm thinking of making a video and posting it on my website. Have you guys seen videos on some websites?

I did hear that flash versions are the simplest versions for this, and you can convert it to flash after you edit it.

Well, my next step though is getting a camera. Any suggestions on that?

From some research I have come across the Flipcam Utlra USB-compatable Web camera for $160.

The Mac OS X Imovie, which is supposed to be a good editing tool and movie maker. For those with Windows XP or Vista, it is supposed to come with MovieMaker installed.
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