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you dont mess with the zohan

i just saw this new adam sandler movie last night, and i must say i was rather impressed. i was worried that it would end up being rather stupid but i was glady wrong. i found the whole thing to be funny. just how they portrayed certain things was great and even the little bit where they poked fun at politics was funny.

also just like with any sandler movie he's got a lot of his friends involved. however i didnt' see the two usuals (played alex and dante in grandma's boy). however i could of easily over looked them. and the inclusion of many other cameos or roles by celebrities was great too (michael buffer, mariah carey, dave matthews).

so if you like adam sandler movies i would definetely reccomend seeing this movie
Yup I'd reccomend this movie its soo hilarious lol
Hi, I really can't wait to see this movie. I don't think it hasn't come out in the UK yet so I'm going to have to wait but i'm getting extremely inpatient as Adam Sandler is my favourite actor of all time and I have seen every one of his films. If it doesn't come out soon i might just get a flight to a country where it is out! if anyone knows when this come out in the UK, please make a post, it would be much appreciated!

mikey b
never seen it, title put me off, maybe in future
I actually went and saw this movie last summer while I was in Israel, which was interesting. The Israelis I talked to had very differing reactions to it. Some thought it was hilarious, while others found it insulting. I loved it, personally. It just shouldn't be taken seriously. Very Happy
It was a fun movie. And it's Adam Sandler, so it's funny.
The beginning was quite good. But the movie and the jokes got worse towards the end Sad
All in all not a movie I have to see more than once.
Only one word to describe this movie: LOL

It really is a must see. lol scrappy cocoa
This wasnt my favorite movie he made. But it was defintly funny!! My favorite one is Billy Madison.
I too thought it would be a stupid movie, but when I sat down and watched it I found it funny and entertaining. Cool movie. Something you can watch when you're bored and/or want a good laugh.
it's a fun movie when you don't have anything to do
but it has some very bad jokes, but every comedy movie has them now a days
Another Adam Sandler movie i just love! was expecting a lil bit more especially for the ending but overall it had a good ammount of laughs.
It was a fun movie. I saw it at my boyfriend and we loved it, but there was some really bad joke in this movie. it's OK.
I havn't seen it yet... it looks kinda dumb Smile I'll probally watch it when it comes on the movie channel...
I loved it. It was hillarious. Laughing
"Are you Bionic?"
- "No, I like it zee girls!" Laughing
"no on mess with the zohan!"

and fatush was crazy, really fun movie, a must watch Very Happy
I love this guy and almost all his movies Very Happy

does he only act in rated comedy films Surprised :p

although it is in the silly side, Dnt mess with the Zohan is really funny. I think it critisises movies like Mision Imposible and Chalies angles... DOA .. etc
lol.... Hommus FTW!!!!!!! i think thats how u spell it. Lol Quote:
Zohan: Please dont laugh... i want to cut and style hair.....
Parents; HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.... wat?? why cant you open an electronic store lke everyone else???
soljarag wrote:
I havn't seen it yet... it looks kinda dumb Smile I'll probally watch it when it comes on the movie channel...

I agree
Long time reader, first time poster..... I know I know. Thats just the way it goes for me but i have heard good reviews about this movie "Zohan" and so will watch it on DVD soon Laughing
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