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Has my ranking been 'hijacked'?

I have a website here in Australia promoting a radio program I do. The site started about 3 years ago, and was found by Google (what I would consider to be the most important search engine rating). It was on the 7th-8th page at that time for a search of the name of the site. Two weeks ago, it was in 3rd place.

There is an insurance company with a similar URL, but with a different suffix. They setup their domain name to redirect to our site, without our permisison. Initially I thought this was a good thing. Google re-crawled the site and had us at number 3, but with their domain name as the URL. Once this happened, they changed the redirect so the domain went to their actual site, so when people clicked on our listing, it went to their site. Google has since crawled again, and now our site has been removed completely from Google, and their site has taken the number 3 spot. Since then, there has been a dramatic fall in the number of hits to our site, and, it is one of the only marketing methods we have.

Do you think Google will recrawl our site and put us back in 3rd, or have we lost our position for a long time? Can this be resolved at all?
Basically, if everyone is linking to the site who scammed you, you are least until all the links are repaired.

Find the most important sites that link to you and make them change the links.

Perhaps you could try talking to the insurance company...ligitimate companies dont generally speaking do this kinf od thing on purpose (to my best knowledge)
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