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We talk about friendship

We talk about friendship, I think that true friendship is always without ulterior motives and has no boundaries, for example I am in contact with people who live in other countries and be very okay, I could never use a friend for evil purposes or to draw a personal benefit.

Here in Turin I have few friends, but they are good and if I need help them not pull back, not even my brother is so good, I can always find many excuses and not contact me ever, even though we live a few kilometers away.

I am a person of good heart and very simple, I want to find a group of friends all over the world because the world is one big country and we are all united.

i agree Friends are good but there are many different types of friends and views of what friends mean to people.

like to me the type of friend that you described is a best friend.

there are 4 types of friendship in my view they are:

basic friend

normal friend

best fiend

Frienship is a really good thing. As an old writer said "friends, those part of us that we miss".

I've have all kinds of friends all my life, very different one from the others, even I have had friends who hardly talk each other, but I'm not in the middle, one of the golden rules is don't tell anybody what a friend tells to you.

I have some friends that share that strange connection, that after years of not talking to them, then we ran into and it seems like the last time we saw each other was yesterday. I love that.

I love all my friends, the allow me to share and learn plenty of things in life.

Friendship Is Something I Think Should Be Not Taken Lightly. I Know Alot Of People, But They Are Not All My Friends, A Friend Is Someone You Can Trust, Someone You Can't Picture Your Life Without, A Friend Isn't Someone You Just Hangout With, A Friend Is Someone Who Understands You, And Accepts Who You Are Without Being Judgmental.
I Could Never Coutn How Many People I Know, But I Can Count How Many Friends I Have One 2 Hands.
hmmm...I don't call much people friend. those that I do call friend are the ones I can call at 3am and say I'm in trouble and they'll come with no questions asked. they are the ones I can leave in my home with my kids and husband and know that nothing will go wrong or be done that I don't approve.

the ones I call friend are the ones I can close my eyes and place my life in their hands with no fear or doubt.....and....they are VERY few.
Real friends are precious gems. Being such a friend is to love that person. Friendship for me is to see the world with more or less the same eyes, to share thoughts, problems and joys. A friend for me is that I can call him/her and ask him/her an advice or favour in the most inappropriate time and know that he/she will answer. And these people are indeed very few.
Real friend are rare and very precious. I don't have many "real" friends but I guess that what I'm aiming at could also be described as close friendship and that would mean I have a normal amount of "normal" friends.

I also have friends in other countries and those relationships are pretty interesting.
It's also good to note that good friends are those friends who will not hesitate to tell you the truth without shredding you to pieces.
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