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My Best Free Software (not mac sorry!)

I've tried/tested a lot of free software during my time as a computer user, and i'd thought i'd share some of the better ones, which you might recognise some, that i've used. (ther are no viruses in any btw)
In no particular order:

- ExtractNow(extracting Program) avaliable here:

This free program can extract nearl every type of compressed file including:ZIP, RAR, ISO, BIN, IMG, IMA, IMZ, 7Z, ACE, JAR, GZ, LZH, LHA, TAR, SIT formats! It uses a great drag and drop interface, and you can extract to whatever destination you like. It basicaly does what winrar/winzip ask you to pay for, for free!

- CCleaner(disk cleanup/registry cleanup/uninstaller program) avaliable here:

This program is amazing as it cleans unused files on your computer, allowingit to have more space/ run faster. it also scans your registry for issues and is generally quite amazing.

- Spybot S&D(spyware removal program) avaliable here:

Free, reliable spyware removal tool

- Free Music Zilla(audio catching program) avaliable here:

Basically allows you to download music from social music networking sites such as myspace,, imeem, mogg, etc. (illegal if you download copy proctected stuff, and don't have a go at me, but who's gonna know?)

- Audacity(Recording/editing program) avaliable here:

Probably the best free recording program around, has features such as fade out, and many other amazing stuff. i found it a bit annoying to get used to, but after that, it was amazing. to export your song as mp3, you will need the LAME audio encoder thing avaliable here;

-FileZilla(ftp program) avaliable here:

for thoses of you into ftp and stuff. free, reliable. i've never had any problems with this.

-Firefox(browser) avaliable here:

obvious. faster, better, addons.

if you have any more amazing programs that are free, post?
great list

well Id like to add the Opera Web browser as Firefox seems to be getting more bloated and very often is a memory hog at least on my pc

You can get it from here
Good list, but Spybot S&D just isn't as good as it was. It's better to use more advanced program like Webroot Spysweeper but regretfully it isn't free.
Few more Good programs which can be added from my list of free programs are

01.VLC media player - A nice free media player

02. uTorrent - The free torrent down loader I think

03. DivX player - Mpeg 4 codec and player

I think AVG deserve a place in list too since it had did its best to keep me virus free. (Moved to Kaspersky recently )
Let us add open office too. It leaves MS office behind by miles.. and is free and you can use add ons..
I'd have to suggest 7-zip instead for the one you listed. .7z is a great format.
snowboardalliance wrote:
I'd have to suggest 7-zip instead for the one you listed. .7z is a great format.

+1 on this, since Ive installed this, its replaced winzip and winrar on my pc
Nice list there, but there are some nice software that u didnt added there..
Thanks for the list. We've already got a sticky in this forum for the most recommended free software - why not check it out here and post if you think something is missing? Always helpful to keep it current Wink

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