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help with connecting printers, scanners and drives

I got two systems with 2 printers and one scanner. Both the systems are not connected and they dont have internet or anything connecting them.

The net is just too slow to google. any help as to how i can connect the system so that i could use both the printers and the scanner from both the two computers without playing with the wires again.

DO u think i need a router? or would some USB extension would work. I need it to transfer data between the systems too!

will check back after 2-3 days. thankyou.
You definitely need a network for what you want to do.

Make sure each computer has an Ethernet (or wireless) NIC (network card). These should be cheap. Get gigabit cards if you want to transfer a LOT of data, otherwise the cheapest ones will do fine.
Connect the two cards on the computers with a crossover cat 5 cable. (must be a crossover cable, or you will have to buy an adapter or a hub/switch and more cable) (should also be cheap)

On both computers, run the windows network setup wizard. It should do fine for such a simple setup, just follow the steps. If you get stuck and have questions, ask them at Frihost.
Make sure your windows firewall (if you have one) is disabled.
Right-click each printer/scanner/folder you want to share and click sharing, then use that dialog to make them shared (simple enough, but again ask if you need help).
Browse the network on the other computer and locate the shared hardware or file you want.
I think i'm not using cross over cable. i could see it as its transparent. btw, is it really necessary? i'm using windows xp Sp2 on both the systems.

On the first system i cant see the icon of the second system but on the second system, i could see the icon of the first system. when i double click, i get this error shown below. where am i going wrong? i have enable the sharing on all the drives. i have even enabled to edit the files!

btw, i manually configure the IP addresses ( and and the subnet mask to ( where am i wrong?
i just check again and the wire is cross-over. anyone? both the systems do not have internet connection
Please try this on both computers, and tell us what happens:

-start -- > run
-cmd (to start up the command prompt)
-when the dos prompt comes up:
-ping 192.168.1.(1 or 2, whichever is the number for the OTHER computer)
See what happens.

This may fix the problem right away, but don't do it on an unsecured network:
-right click the file or device
-click properties
-click the security tab
-click the 'edit' button
-click the 'add' button
-type in 'everyone'
-click ok
-click 'everyone' in the top section of the window
-there is a sort of table in the bottom of the window, check the box where 'full control' and 'allow' cross
-click 'apply', then 'ok'
-click ok
-try to access the files again.
thanx. will try that out.

btw, what about this: i'm unable to see the 'icon' of the second system in my first system. anywayz will try it out and let u know.
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