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Do You Like them? If yes name your favourite song.

YES, Some Kind Of Monster
Of cousre I like them, but it's hard to say whats your favourite song...
hm...Maybe Master of Puppets
Yeah, Sad But True

Rock On, Baby Wink
heard of the band but havnt actually heard any songs

i usually like linkin park
a mythical metal rock band
nothing else matters, master of puppets, unforgiven I & II, sad but true, ...
I listened to them long time ago, really nice dudes..

I like:

Master of puppets, nothing else matters, unfirgiven 1 and 2, One.. xD

Keep on rocking dudes! =)
i like their st. anger cd
Ride the Lighning is their best album, with Call of Ktulu being my favourite song.

The bass for that is the best. Such a shame that Cliff Burton cannot grace the band with his amazing bass lines...

I dont really like their new stuff; St Anger was such a disappointment
it was a disaster that CD after Synphony and metallica, after unjustice for all, after ride the lighting, after kill'em all, a trash CD, that's because their bass has left the group and the new one had a bad effect on the group, hope they'll made for us some new music to make us forget that disaster.
But this doesn't mean that tey are not the metal group N1 of the 20'th century.
Helios wrote:

I like:

Master of puppets, nothing else matters

I agree. But add some kind of monster! Razz
They're graet ! Most of all I like "Seek & Destroy" and "The Unnamed feeling"
boutolliz wrote:
that's because their bass has left the group and the new one had a bad effect on the group

Dave mustaine was good no doubt (listen to "Paranoid" megadeth version or "A tout le monde" if you don't believe me Wink )
but Newsted wasn't that bad either.
If I'm not wrong then Mustaine was there with metallica till "Ride the lightining" and I think that was a good album. ("for whom the bell tolls", "fade to black", "escape" etc.) after that metallica went the "nothing else matters" way...much to the disappointment of many of their fans, but they certainly became much more popular since that.

and I think the "st. anger" was a pretty bad set of songs.
Don't like...

I like a few of thier songs.. Very Happy

- Nothing Else Matters
- Unforgiven
I love almost all their songs... so it's hard to choose one of them..

Sanitarium, master of puppets, sad but true, nothing else matters, fade to black and one are some of them..

But if I have to choose one of them it has to be Fade to black, Everytime I hear it I get goosebumps.. Wink

Rock On! Cool
hmm Metallica.. classic band
but i prefer Black Metal

favourite song.. that must be CREEPING DEATH
If I had to pick one, Battery.
Yes of coz, great band, maybe the only speed metal band i listen, appart of the Cacophony's works. I like most until The Black Album.

my prefered songs from them are: Creeping Death, Fade to black, Master of Puppets, Sanatorium, Enter Sandman, Blackened and a little etc Smile

Lets Rock! Twisted Evil
i like enter stadman
Man, these are def one of the best bands ever, kirks solos are amazing, larz's drums are outstanding and james voice is going but still great in all the old tracks, the best song my metallica has to be Fade to black live, listened to it a good 200 times and still not sick of it. the newest album st anger is great but nothing compared to the old stuff, what happened to all the solos in the new music? Crying or Very sad nevermind still a great band well worth listening and downloading/buying the album!! Wink
Metallica is my all time fav band, but I really like their old stuff a lot better. It was way better in my opinion. I love them, and some of my favorite songs are:

Master of Puppets, The Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters, Fade to Black, I Disappear, fuel, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Sad But True, Enter Sandman...etc.

They. Are. Gods.
NO NO NO NO NO NO NOooooooooooooooooooooo Razz

Everything up until the black album was half decent, after that, im sorry, dont flame me, but IMHO is rubbish. They're are very over-rated now. And btw, how can you call them speed metal? Shocked
Slammer wrote:
Everything up until the black album was half decent, after that, im sorry, dont flame me, but IMHO is rubbish.
I agree Smile Recently I have started to doubt the quality of Kill 'em all as well, dunno why, but trash just doesn't seem to cut it for me at the moment. Ride the lightning, Master of Puppets and ...And justice for all are imo their best albums to date. I can listen to St. Anger, although it doesn't sound like metallica much Confused
i usually like linkin park
This is good band Smile Metalica - Whiskey in the jar, Metalica- Nothing else matters

Ps. and like S.O.A.D Cool
Alot of Metallicas old fans flame them for changing style. In my opinion they are to different bands, the old and the new. You can't really compare the things that they did in the eighties with the albums ranging from Load to St. Anger.

I could write a whole essay about this subject as Metallica is one of my favourite bands Smile Kill 'em all, Ride the lightning and Master of puppets are three killer albums which outshines all the other things that they have ever done after that. In one sense Metallica died in the bus accident in '86.
HELL YEA! I love Metallica!

Favorite song - One
Yeah, Sad But True

Rock On, Baby
I quite like mettalica

but i do think there well overated

the last album was well disapointing, no guitar solos, 10 minute songs that just repeat themselves

but on the other hand, the black album is amazing!

lets hope the new ones good!
I like this band...<<< obviously!!! hehe. hmmm thats a hard one... all i can say is all of their albums are good...except for St. anger its just disgusting, it reminds me of slipknot. I think theyve been listening to too much of that nu-metal, hardcore bullshit...
I have to agree with the guy above me....their new shit is well....shit. When I listen to Metallica, I expect thrash goodness. Granted, there are a couple of good riffs and such, but thats the extent of my liking for the new stuff.

My favorite song is either Master of Puppets, or Trapped Under Ice. And many, many others.
Metallica is one of the best metal bands in the world. But they have turned out to be crappy with their latest album St.Anger.

What happened to Kirk's solos??? No solos at all in thyat album.

My fav songs are Enter Sandman, One, Master Of Puppets, Call Of The Ktulu, Battery, Sad But True, Fuel.... More.
Personally, I don't like them!
In the beginning of their career, they were always on alcohol and drugs, and in this period they were great! the band is very talented,I can't say they're not! but now - they make MONEY! not MUSIC! without any PASSION!
I Love Metallica and my favorite song is Seek And Destroy
Yes I like Metallica very much.
I like these songs : One, Seek & Destroy, Master of Puppets, Sad but True, Nothing Else Matters, Fade to Black.
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