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Hewlett Packard Recovery

Tony The Tiger
Hewlett Packard has a backup system where they place a recovery partition on the hard drive rather than give you all the system disks. My hard drive got corrupted last week and I attempted to reformat my computer to original factory settings using a set of recovery disks that I had made of the recovery partition when I bought the computer in Feb of 2007. It did not work. Then, HP sent me a recovery disk which did nothing but destroy my secondary drive so that it could only recognize 24 GB out of the 111 of space it contained. When I sent my computer in for repair, they sent it back with only the primary drive repaired. The secondary drive still was only reading 24GB. The phone tech support could not get the computer to recognize the entire D drive. I have had to send my computer in a second time for the same repair. Next computer that I get will either be a DELL where they send you the parts overnight or Apple which has far fewer problems. Each time I have to get a repair with HP I have to go without my computer for a week.
Hey sad to know what happened.
I used the HP recovery disks that i made for my system and they worked perfectly fine and I hear it mostly works fine from other users who have done it. I hope you were careful while doing the recovery.
I hate HP for not giving all the systems disks like dell does. Its the best way to cleanly fix your system problems.Also Dell has a much better repair/recovery support.
But the thing is that Dell systems land into trouble much more than the HP systems , that was the reason i went for HP, and am quite happy with it.
Tony The Tiger
I can't really say whether Dell or HP has more repair issue because it is not fair to compare a Dell Windows machine with an HP Vista machine and say the difference is the manufacturer when a lot of the difference is the operating system.
the issues i was talking about was comparison of history of Dell XP v/s HP XP systems. and not dell XP and HP vista
and Dell does not always imply XP , now even most of Dell systems are Vista based
Tony The Tiger
I am extremely fed up with Hewlett Packard. (I am at this moment writing on my 2003 Dell while me 2007 Hewlett Packard is inoperable). I had a minor reinstallation glitch where my windows explorer got corrupted. I attempted to use the recovery partition by myself and it did not work. I called tech support for assistance and they were unable to instruct me on how to use the recovery partition. A few weeks ago, they sent me a recovery disk that reformated the wrong drive causing me all kinds of problems. I had thought it was because I had removed the recovery partition which changed drive letters from the default ones. I tried this recovery disk with the help of tech support and ended up wiping out my system without restoring a new one. I have now been unsuccessful at 1.) Reformatting from recovery disks I made; 2:)Reformatting from recovery disks from HP in the absence of a recovery partition: 3.)Reformatting from a recovery partition by myself or with tech support: 4.) Reformatting from a recovery disk in the presence of a recovery partition with tech support. I am beginning to wonder if it is even possible to reformat in any of these methods or whether it is just a sham so that at the end of your warranty you can not reformat your computer if it ever fails.
ohh ... really sorry for all that ...I wish i could actually see the process to ensure there weren't any incorrect steps in the process that was followed. But i suppose as you have taken help from tech support they would have provided you with acuurate steps to recover.
In the case of all the above mentioned failures I would suggest the best way to get the system working with the hard disk partitioned properly , go the primitive way.
Get a tool like Partition magic or Gparted (free open source option) ,boot from the CD and re partition the hard disks manually to what you want.
Get an installation CD for Vista boot up with that CD and install vista (use the serial key written on the sticker on your system)
Get the drivers for all the hardware components and install them ( you may get a bundle of drivers by your HP model number by just a bit of googling , so you don't have to look around for all of them)
Throw the HP recovery disks in trash.
Live Peacefully
Tony The Tiger
It is now at the Hewlett Packard factory. I am assuming that they will repartition it correctly. I am just a bit miffed that I have been unable to restore my computer using any of the methods that they have provided. I guess I will have to install Norton Ghost Save & Restore as my first installation and make a backup of the computer in as close to factory condition as possible. Then I can restore all of my software and have a way to restore to nearly factory condition without having to return the computer. I have backups of all my important files, but I had not previously backed up the system in a way that would eliminate the need to restore to factory condition because they have provided multiple methods that were suppose to work. Now that none of them have after multiple attempts, I will tyr to use the backup and restore method.
Tony The Tiger
I have my computer back and I am now restoring it. I have saved the factory settings with Norton Save & Restore.
Tony The Tiger wrote:
I have my computer back and I am now restoring it. I have saved the factory settings with Norton Save & Restore.

Good ... right thing to do ..Its always good to have a backup option for restore using a third party tool
Hope your system stays good now
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