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can VIP customers cut the queue in your neighborhood banks?

Here in my country vips can have such advantage as cutting the line while common cusotmers have to wait in long queue, which makes other people angry and is constantly accused of. but the court always annonces the vips and banks innocent. is this common in your nearby banks?
1) always helps to give us the country....

And no, nothing of the sort happens here, ATMs and online banking ftw
I'm from Melbourne Australia (it's a big country, so it can differ a lot state to state... or even town to town... or at least bank to bank..)

I've never seen VIP's being allowed to jump the qeue, however some banks do have a separate one for VIPs. (i.e 8 regular windows, and one maybe 2 VIP ones... depending on how many VIPs there are I guess).
This idea would be dangerous, because nobody want to be skipped from queue. I think its better split VIP costumers in another queue with privilegies.
Where I am VIPs do not line up to do their banking. They see the bank manager and usually by appointment. Smile
I have never seen that allowed. If my bank did do that, my money would be out of there when I did reach the teller.
Never had this happen. It's insane. There is a 'business banking' line sure. But it only generates anymosity to allow someone to cut in front. Its really bad business sense. Like someone said above, have a seperate line for VIPs if you must, or have them speak with the manager, or a special contact. But to cut into the very same line generates only annoyance for the vast majority of banking people.
It does happen in my neighborhood. Though there are queues too for VIPs. But I guess there are more important VIPs over others. Indeed, it's very annoying.
I've never seen such a thing happen in the US. What country are you in? I can see why that would make people mad. Everyone likes to be treated equally of course, and to allow someone who is "more important than you" cut in line would definitely be degrading. One time I had a customer service rep at an AT&T store tell me, after waiting 15 minutes to see a rep, that he thought someone else was there first, who I saw walk in the door after I'd been there for 10 minutes. He actually helped them instead of me, so I just left. I was there to buy an iphone (this was back in January or February) and his mistake cost them the sale. I walked around the corner to the apple store where I received fabulous customer service in much less time. I suppose I'd do the same if I were at a bank and they put someone else in front of me, I'd take my business elsewhere.
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