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What bike you ride ? :)

So actually im big fan of XC riding. I bought recently Scott Aspect 40, it lacks some things like for example good fork but im keeping it in good condition. My thing is that i wish to know what you ride and what discipline (i.e. DH, Freeride, Street, etc.) you prefer, how many km you have dont in this season, max speed, avarage speed... just show us your achievments Wink

Max speed: 57,6km/h
Avg speed: 19,6km/h
Max distance: 60km
Measured by: Sigma BC800
hello Selevan!

I am a fun of mtb, and I think I do freeride (I'm not sure): I use to go with her and ride across my country hills, both on streets and green tracks. Here is a photograph of mine!

Unfortuately I'm not riding a lot at the moment.
Few measures of past seasons:

Max speed: 65-70km/h
Avg speed: 15-20km/h
Max distance: 70km
Measured by: AERO

i like it , it is fun ! hehe ! i hope .... hehe ! hi , i ' m new member ! hehe !
Very beautiful bike, looks smartly - I like it. Smile
thank you the-guide!
I'm happy you like. I have taken it as used about two years ago, and I hope to do some rides this summer! Very Happy I'm still waiting for holiday... Or I shoud go on the weekend, with a friend of mine.
I'd like to take more photographs too, especially during runs on descending tracks Wink
hello guys,
I can tell I finally fixed the hole in the rear wheel - it was a long time I had to do.
I am preparing for some rides I hope next month...
Since the bike has been stopped a lot I think I would also pump up the front shock-absorber, not it goes down very easily during brakings... uh what a beauty oil-disk-brakes Twisted Evil I love them, they are my favourites feature of the cicle!
Are there anyone who posts his bike's photographs?
I'm preparing to go out for a ride, with friends of mine, on the last week of August. I will be on holiday that week. I am also a bit worried about my job that avoids me going out and make sports - lets me no spare time Sad goodbye boys
I just got an old racer about a month ago and thoroughly enjoying riding it. Its quick, and for its age, has a good straight frame I feel I can trust. This makes a difference as my last bike, entry level mountain bike, really couldnt be trusted. I think the fact I had taken it down our local hills, accidents included, the frame got bent and it was a horrible thing to move in the end. Plenty good memories though. Thats the main thing though I suppose. Heres to the rides with my new roadie.
i have a MTB Bike and Route too i used to bike a lot (MTB) i did some 70 plus kms and i reach speeds (downhill) about 65 kph and avgs of 15 to 23 kph (depending on route type)

The route Bike i used to get in sahpe and to try Duathlons and Tri i ride nothing just to explore routes to run.
tigeruppercut: Its quick, and for its age, has a good straight frame I feel I can trust.

I also emphasize the importance of reliability... The only matter I think is that more you trust the quicker you go down hills hoping you still can stop!! Wink
Apart this, I listened people saying that alloy frames leaves a bit their straight characters after years... I am a bit worried about this!
Someone knows something about?
I ride a sohrab BMX but we do not have race tracks here so never tried it on the road for speed. Man it is dangerous.
Is that a motorbike? Cool!
Hello there... does anyone wanna talk about mountainbike, does not? Crying or Very sad
now that we come into fall/winter I don't use to go out for rides...
too much cold and wet tracks
or slippery slopes... I am very afraid of I find too much dangerous Confused
bike instead of motor
Yeah... good idea! Very Happy
At this time I usually go by car but for years I used to go everywhere in the city by bicicle...
It would be easier to go cycling if there were very less cars and traffic in the city.
but nobody wants to post his bicicle charateristics and photoes on this 3d? Crying or Very sad
unfortunately during my absence my mountain bike has been been exposed to wood powder, caused by my father's tiding work in the the garage. I'm looking forward to polish her and blow up all the powder, before going out and ride again Surprised
I've noticed my bicicle's tires are very old, so they are hardened and won't grip anymore. Sad
I will change them at all, although the tire tread is quiete edged yet.
Cagiva mito

2 stroke all the way!!!
Cagiva Mito

mhh... I don't like it very much...
I have some questions:
- From what age can you ride this?
- And how much does it take from 0 to 60mph?
- What colour is yours by the way? Shall you post a photo?
New to forum...just a roadie. Sorry. Don't own a MTB. Crying or Very sad Maybe one of these days when I'm rich and famous.

Kuota Kharma, 2006
Shimano Ultegra

Put in 8,300 miles last year. On pace for about 9,400 this year. We'll see.
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