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Erandia MUD

In computer gaming, a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon, Domain or Dimension) is a multi-player computer game that combines elements of role-playing games, hack and slash style computer games and social chat rooms. Typically running on an Internet server or bulletin board system, the game is usually text-driven, where players read descriptions of rooms, objects, events, other characters, and computer-controlled creatures or non-player characters (NPCs) in a virtual world. Players usually interact with each other and the surroundings by typing commands that resemble a natural language, usually English.

I run an RPI(Role-playing Enforced) MUD that goes by the name 'Erandia'. It's quite an advance and unique MUD, incorporating an immersive environment and atmosphere with interesting game-play.

The MUD itself is pretty much finished(As much as any MUD can ever be), and most of the things left to do now are to put up the website and forums. (Which should be finished in a week or so)

Erandia MUD is here to stay for at least 5 or so years.

The IP Address for the MUD is:

And the port address: 2500

Here is a list of some key features we have in the MUD:

* Advance in a skill-based, levelless, classless environment.
* Fair and helpful admins and newbie helpers to answer your questions.
* Newbies are protected, for the first ten hours losing nothing for dying.
* Get involved in a rich roleplaying environment, in a fully realized world, with a deep storyline.
* Learn magical talents, gain skill and power.
* Virtually unlimited character advancement.
* Utilize a versatile, entirely new magic system.
* No annoying spell lag. Channeling magic is handled more intelligently.
* Beautiful Ansi color used liberally, but not every word a different color.
* Explore a vast world, and gain experience and knowledge from your explorations.
* Discover strange, new worlds, each with their own moons, climate, and atmosphere.
* Travel many different terrains, from ice fields, lava lakes, swamps, to deep oceans.
* Follow the tracks left in the dirt or snow by other creatures.
* Choose from a wide selection of over two hundred races.
* Any type of character you wish to play is open to you.
* Some races can be ridden by other players. Play a dragonrider, or their dragon!
* Found clans, start a family, interact with other players.
* Fight battles, learn combat and weapon skills.
* Realistic equipment system involving size and bodyparts, protecting only the part it is worn on.
* Different races have different bodyparts, which can bleed, be broken, or severed.
* Communicate with player created and controlled channels.
* Fashion your own equipment from raw ores, and enchant it with whatever effects you wish.
* Find rare magical gems to affix to your equipment to increase your power.
* Hire NPC's to mine ore, harvest ingredients, or funnel mana into equipment for you.
* Mix alchemical ingredients into potions, salves, or just bake cakes.
* Brew and ferment your own alcohol.
* Browse shops that randomly stock themselves with various items appropriate to the shop.
* Buy and manage your own shop, with or without a shopkeeper hired to create items for you.
* Write your own books.
* Construct or buy a vehicle to drive, fly, or sail in, even spaceships and submarines.
* Watch your back on Mezulbryst, the deadly playerkilling world where anything goes.
* Never wait for a re pop again, mobs only exist right where you want them!
* Randomly generated mobs and equipment. You never know which mob will have a powerful artifact.
* Named mobs get random names. Every time it's a different character.
* Mobs that will react to your socials in a logical way, and use equipment and fight intelligently.
* Venture on quests to gain experience, gold, and talent points to raise power in talents.
* No random quests. Most quests are run by NPC's with different problems, and not all involve killing something.
* The only rule is: So long as it harms no one, you may do as you will.

The following is a tutorial I created (Illustrated by screenshots) on how to connect my MUD, or any MUD in general.

First of all, you need to download a special client (Although you can use Telnet, you should not as most MUDs are pretty much unplayable in it).

The one we (And I) are going to use, is Mushclient. It works on any version of Windows (If you are using Linux or Mac, post in this thread and I will give you a link to a good client for that platform).

Download it here:

Once you install it, go into the folder you installed it to, and fire up MUSHclient.exe.

Once it shows up, close the tip of the day, and on the top menu bar choose 'Connection' and then select and press on 'Quick Connect'.

In 'World Name' Type in: Erandia MUD.

In 'TCP/IP Address' type in:

In 'Port Address' type in: 2500.

Then click on 'OK'.

Now simply type in 'NEW' to create a new character, and follow the instructions presented.

When you are in-game, simply type in 'Newbie MESSAGE' to send a message to all those currently attending
the Newbie channel.

Have fun!
Might as well advertise the MUD I play in this topic. I play a MUD known as LOTN (Legend of The Nobles) it is still fairly active, normally at least one person is on at all times.


I have to say that all MUDs are fun, and that MUDing should become a popular way to game again.
Well, Erandia sounds really interesting. I'll be checking it out.
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