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Detroit Red Wings are the champions!

Damn... I'm really happy!!! I've been fan of Red Wings for three years and I couldn't wait for such holiday!!!
Conn Smythe has been won by Henrik Zetterberk (I think Osgood had better chances to do that).
GO RED WINGS!!! Razz Laughing
i am on the COMPLETE opposite side of you. I HATE the red wings. i would of rathered pretty much any other team in the NHL to win the cup. part of it is because i am an Avalanche fan and have hated them ever since. i also see them as the yankees of the NHL as the "evil dynasty".

i give it to the pens though. i was a little worried they would get swept but they put up one hell of a fight in my opinion. tough break they had in game 6. but barry melrose said it best about the pens: "typically you have to lose first before you can win". he hit the nail on the head with that one. this young penguins team really has it i think to go just as far next year, and hopefully take the cup.
Hah, Avalanche and Wings are the enemies for years, or even forever Twisted Evil Smile
I think that Detroit will not make a dynasty in closest 20 years. Team is really old, average age is 32. They really need a new breath.
And what about Pittsburgh, they really got a chance. Team is young and talented: Malkin, Crosby, Fleury and others are showing extragood results. But... this time experience had beat the young talents Smile
well its no surprise that experience prevailed in this instanc, i think its something like 4 or so players on the red wings have already won the cup. as for the penguins where it was a lot of their players first times in the finals. they showed they could hang with the big guy and the experience can only help them in the long run.

i just wish hockey could get back on national TV more often, my cable company doesn't have Versus.
Yes, there are a lot of cup winners in Detroit, and in Pittsburgh there are only Hossa and Roberts.
We in Ukraine got a lot of troubles with translations and my broadband channel is too slow to watch videos in live stream, so I listen to the online radio translations on and then watch recorded videos. That's the best way for me.
Their amazing scouting and player development comes through again. I'm just glad to see my team starting to take the same direction as well. Never too late!
Woot go Red Wings!
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