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New Here

Hi All! I am new, just poking my nose around to learn more about the hosting service. I want a website to display my photography. I figure everyone else is doing it... peer pressure. Really can't beat the deal that Frihost is offering, trust me, I have been searching.

Let's see, I also practice Krav Maga... which is a martial art. Keeps me from ageing too fast. It is one of the best hand to hand combat programs I have ever seen and has really taught me a lot about self defense, handling stress, discipline, and life in general. I don't think I could go a week without it.

I also have two pets and a LOVING wife! She puts up with a lot. I am a law enforcement officer by profession, an amateur photographer by choice, and a daddy to a great dane and a labrador that is constantly running off to Krav class...

Do I have anything in common with anyone?
Welcome to the community. FriHost is a great place with a wonderful group of participants. You will find FriHost gives out more for free than most pay services do with their mid level plans - its crazy! I have learned a lot because of what Bondings provides with FriHost.

Might I make a suggestion and recommend that you host your images at an imaging hosting site and showcase them here. I think that you will find that your finite amount of disk space here will run out quickly. I personally use Flickr - I paid for the pro account because $25yr nets unlimited space as well as other perks. If you don't want to use flickr, a quick google search for 'image hosting' will provide you will some great alternatives. Once you host your images there, you can simply showcase them in your sites that you setup with FriHost - this serves not only the purpose of saving your disk space for more sites and such but also allows you with a great mechanism to drive traffic to your site. Many more people go to sites like flickr and photobucket looking for photography and so this alone will provide you more exposure than you likely would otherwise be able to generate with significant effort.

Again, welcome!

very good point. I didn't really consider the disk space. Thanks!
Hi friend welcome to the Frihost community...!!! Browse around through all the forums and keep on posting more and more...!!!

Have a nice stay...!
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