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Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, The best of the three vote

Which is the best Lord Of The Rings movie?
The Fellowship of the Ring
 20%  [ 9 ]
The Two Towers
 22%  [ 10 ]
The Return of the King
 56%  [ 25 ]
Total Votes : 44


Let's have a vote ! Which of the three movies of Lored Of The Rings do you find best? Let us know...
My vote go to The Two Towers Smile
The Two Towers
I say The Return of the King Smile
The Fellowship doesn't have much battle scenes in it as the other two, but I think it is the greatest of the three, with many mysterious things and foreshadows in it.
My vote went to the return of the king because there is a lot of action in it.
I voted for Return Of The King , though ... The Fellowship is the begin of this amazing adventure and is most impressive! it got my addicted to this movies and made me curious for seeing the next ones Wink As i love the Massa battles and the Shouting of the Leaders , Return of the king was the best one for me Wink
Fellowship, I think.
My vote is two towers.
It was wonderful!
Two towers Razz is the best of them Smile Cool
The two towers was short and boring. The return of the king and the fellowship were both equally good.
Return of The King. I got some serious chills during that movie. It was so powerful.
leapinglangoor wrote:
The two towers was short and boring. The return of the king and the fellowship were both equally good.

exactly my view...
in two towers, the long scenes where the tree was walking and talking (carrying frodo's friends) was especially very boring.

I would have voted this part the best but for these scenes.
other two parts were almost equally good, but the return of the king is the end and obviously has the climax it gets my vote
I would have to say it was "Return of the King" because it had the most fighting in it, it had some huge major wars in it which were amazing, the first two wernt that good. Just my opinion # 3 rox.
Return of the King, the ending was great, that last battle scene, wow, i laughed when gollum fell into the lava, Twisted Evil
The Return of the King !! Wink
The Return of the King
The Return of the King

I think the last movie is the best movie? Do you agree with me?
Shesh. I simply can't believe the polls. It's clear as a summer sky, that part 1 was most perfectly produced, while the two others were seriously flawed. Well... the Germans also voted for the wrong party in 33. Polls can deceive Razz
It's actually unfair to request that you name a favorite of a Trilogy like this.

It is like if you asked someone whether they preferred to eat or breathe.

Bothg are vital for the other ya know?
The Fellowship mainly cause its the only one to really not bore me and is probably the closest to the books(tho i'm still mad that there is no Tom Bombadil,or however you spell his last name)
Although the Return of The King wasn't as close to the book i did like the battle scenes in that one.
i give my nod to the 3rd film since you get the bad guys get their asses whooped and i thought the scene where pippen was singing while the stewards son was slaughtered to be quite poignant. Plus 2 big battle scenes are a plus. Plus you find out that Sam and Frodo really were lovers (oh wait I don't think i was supposed to say that)
no they aren't that never happens they're just friends...i mean Sam does marry and has hecka childern...
I like the three movies.
But I choose the Fellowship of the ring 'cause it was the first movie, and it gaves me a good impresion.

I follow LOTR since years ago, so when I knew about a movie, I thought it will be another middle-based middle-modified movie, but when I saw it, I feel impresioned.
The Return of the King

Between all those battles, feelings like love, friendship and honor takes relevant importance over the spades, its a great combination for an emotional end.
Definitely the 1st part. It was breath-taking! Applause

In fact, each part has a theme, and I love the first one:

It teaches you how to accept the fate and deal with it.

I even have the Extended Version DVD!
I found the 1st really boring. It was pretty much all talk no action. The 2nd was not much better. The 3rd however...MAD There was alot of action in that movie. In fact, ALOT more action. I liked the spider thingy scene the best. (I think its in the 3rd movie, lets hope it is ^^)
i voted return of the king it had the most action and the best suspece
The two towers movie is the best i think cause the war scenes were very good and exciting.
"Hey, the king's back* ", defininitly. It's what tied the story together. Loved the battlescenes, even though they were all 'swoop swoop', and some of Gimli's commenst just crack me up.

"That still only counts as one.." Hee hee Wink

(* World of Warcraft reference.. Wink )
The return Of The King wins by far for me...mainly cas of the speach of Aragorn to the army of west in front of the Black Gates of Mordor...that was really kool
the return of the king and the followship of the ring are the best Smile
I voted for the Fellowship. Mainly because I was so stunned and overhwelmed when I came out of the cinema, and neither of the sequels accomplished that same effect.
The greatest impact on me had the Fellowship, couse it was first and most of us were overwhelmed its obvious that the other 2 movies couldnt manage to have the same first impression. But yet i voted for the Return of the King simply couse of the climax, just as i had to pick only one. I like the whole trilogy. Smile
i am not able to decide which one to pice, Return of The King or The Two Towers, both are good bt of them have lot of action in them, lot of battles in them but if it comes out to pick just one, then i will go with The Two Towers, the secne of Gandalf coming down the Hill with Emoar and all his army with White dreas and White horse, is wonderful and even the last stand of the King and Aragorn is very neet
I would say that the best movie would probably be the third one The return of the king. as a whole, I think that it was the best of the three but when you talk about the action sequence of the three movies, the war near the end of the Two Towers was probably the best of the lot.

BUt I'm still picking the third one.
return of the king was the best in my opinion. it was a bit long but that doesn't bother me
for me the LOTR was the best trilogy of all time.

The fellowship introduces the whole theme of LOTR, the fantasy.
The Shire is just a typical folklore scene which tolkein used for his "The Hobbit" and works well on the imagination. The scene of the Balrog in Moria is also deeply impressing, one of the most colorful images of hell.
In the first and second film the use of magic is powerful, like the power of the valor to revive Aragorn. Saruman versus Gandalf is also very magical, and the revival of the ents to destroy isengard is also fascinating. Smeagol brings such a laugh to the story in the 2nd film. In the 2nd film love is strong between Aragorn and Arwen, and brings a happy end to the 3rd film. when gandalf descends on helm's deep with the horses of rohan my heart jumps with joy.

there are too many dark scenes in the 3rd film, but the sense of humour is still alive, when gimli competes with Legolas for the most kills, and when legolas kills the elephant it only counts as one kill. An eerie silence starts the 3rd film, like calm before the storm. then Aragorn goes to council the army of the dead before the fight begins. the horrible father-son relationship at Minas-Tirith just doesn't do much for the film. not to say the least, the ring-wraiths add a deep fear to the atmosphere as they approach frodo numerous times and up to the end on the field of pellenor when the king-wraith is killed.

then all ends with an emotional but in somewhat confusing inuendo between frodo and sam on the mountain alone...

I voted the 1st film
Being a Lotr geek, I can say, still Fotr has got the magic. Maybe since it's a beginning, not too packed with events. Almost every single scene is almost a masterpiece for me, while the others have definitely turned into classics. I would agree and say, it's the best trilogy. Or one of the best. For me the best trilogy means you want to go back to it, watching it again and again. At least a few times a year.
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