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Moving and Pets - and being left behind

Some people seem to feel they would never undertake a long distance move with a pet, thinking it would be better/easier to get rid of it and just get another one later. I can't agree with that idea. I just completed nearly a 1000 mile cross country move with a parrot and two cats and the thought of leaving them behind never entered my mind Exclamation As a matter of fact I made this move more to protect them and so that I could keep them with me, than for the sake of just moving.

It wasn't easy, it wasn't fun. It was hard and a little nerve racking, but I feel they are part of my family and I would no sooner have left a child (if I had one) behind than I would have left any of my little furry or feathered kids.

I feel like I came up with the "no one left behind" idea before the military did. When I lived in Florida, in the hurricane belt, every pet I had, had his or her own carrier, food and water, and space in the mini van in case we had to make a run for it.

People who leave their animals behind just sicken me. Even if I had a horse and no horse trailer to take it to safety, you bet your backside I'd be on his back and we'd be H-- bent for leather for a safe spot together. No One In My Family - two legged or four legged - Gets Left Behind.

Just my 2 cents.
Nice, Chad, I do agree with you. When taken in under one's roof, I also think that the responsabillity is comparable with
that you have for a child. Pets are wonderful little beeings, often unable to take care of themselves in the society we made.

I'm glad to hear that your moving went so well, and hope all of you like it in your new location. The world would be
a much nicer place if we all looked after each other. Smile
Thank you, Idoru,

Everyone has settled in nicely. Despite some stormy bad weather (with tornado warnings) for the last few days that had the cats hiding under the bed, everyone is doing well. About 1/4 mile away there is a train track and at first when the train went by and blew it's whistle it would scare the cats but they have learned it won't hurt them and they ignore it now. Very Happy

I agree. The people that have no problems leaving a pet behind when they move most likely view them as property and just shouldn't have animals to begin with.
Taking on a pet is taking on the resposibility of caring for that pet for the rest of its life. Often animals especially cats return to their last address which makes it important to normalize the animal to its surrounding before allowing free roam.
Whats the point of having a pet if you don't like it enough to take it with you when you move?
(Unless, of course its the annoying little pet you've been wanting to get rid of for years now...)

Heck, even going on vacation my family would take the family dog with us sometimes. We had a big suburban with plenty of room for the family, the dog and luggage, and the dog very much enjoyed vacations as well. (With a well-behaved dog, taking it with you is very little hassle. Certainly far less stress than taking children with you!)
I would never move anywhere if it meant getting rid of my pets. People who do that just don't care enough. On the other hand, my aunt moves to a new place every few months, and it's driven her cat somewhat insane... she doesn't remember where she is when she's let outside and she gets lost. But that cat is also really old anyway.
Where I am in the Middle East, there are many wild cats living outside the compound and in the city centre. This is not an environment that has a great reverence for cats and dogs, so you rarely see dogs and those who have pets keep them securely behind doors. Back to cats, the wild alley cats are in such a bad state and a few days ago I heard an interesting story. Apparently there are English researchers who specially come to this part of the Middle East to do testing on the wild cats, as they have feline AIDS. So they do not reach as mature an age as our well looked after pets would. Must say it is sad to see these as inevitably there are so many wild kittens and the first day you would see four, then three, and often people would encounter stray kittens and if it is an expat, it does stand a chance. A special group of caring people in my area have organized foster parents for the kittens. Get them spayed and then look around for homes for them. Usually those kittens that survive are pretty strong, as usually only the strongest of the litter survive.

Usually at this time of the year when many expats return to their homes, either on holiday or permanently, one would find a large number of abandoned pets. Also many notices on the boards inside the supermarkets for pet owners looking for new homes for their pets. Quite sad. But where possible there is this same group of people trying to look after them.
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