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Opera anomaly, Flash Gallery+XML, Problem, HELP?! [SOLVED]

I have builded a gallery(just next and prev buttons) with pictures in some categories with their names stored in XML files.

The problem is that everything works fine except in Opera (everything works in IE,Firefox and stendalone flash player). In Opera it opens the gallry(loads the first XML and u can browse the pictures ), but when u click on other category (other XML file) it stops.

So what is the diffrens in the flash player in opera from the others???
And i find it difficult to dedug the whole thing there, so if u can help with this atleast.
If u have noticed some Opera problem like this , pls share.

What's being used:
ActionScript 2 (not AS3, because i have atleast some knowledge about it), so i use loadMovie() to load the the JPG files. and i have some buttons that change one _root.variable which stores the name of the XML file. I would show it to u, but right now i'm on a diffrent PC, maibe tomorow i'll be able to show u the code and the hole thing.
I don't check my flash in Opera, because only 0.1% of my visitors using this browser. But, I have one testing page (soon it will be site) and you can see if my slideshow (using AS2 and xml) working in Opera because I haven't installed jet. If is working then problem is in your script, if is not, then problem is in Opera. Rolling Eyes

your flash is ok

and i blame it on Opera, not on my code , because it works on everything else. Cool
don't get me wrong -- opera is a great browser and i use it a home because i find it better then the others.

I'm just asking if some one knows or have expiriensed something srange with opera like the problem of mine.

and in my case the flash is a bit more coplex -- it's a hole flash site whitch works with more then 1 xml files.
I don't want to blame your code. Sorry if you understand something like that from my post, but sometimes some simple mistake can produce troubles. And code will help to some expert of AS (what I am not Very Happy ).

I have builded a gallery(just next and prev buttons) with pictures in some categories with their names stored in XML files.

Did you use relative or full path for hyperlinks?

i found the problem

there was a character in cyrilic in the name of one of the JPGs they gave me Evil or Very Mad Shocked
if i haven't found it may be i would have killed myself from despair (puke)

10z anyway
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