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Iron man or Incredible hulk

which do you like the best but i dont think incredible hulk came out yet but you all probably seen the previews. but anyway i would say Incredible Hulk from looking at the previews for it
this is a tough one. but i'd prob go with iron man just because i haven't really been a big fan of the hulk, and im still iffy with edward norton. he just seems like an odd guy in general and im not sure if i'd want to see it. same reason for me with the dark knight that will be coming out shortly.

im not a fan of christian bale. ever since the prestige i've just not liked him, i find his accent completely annoying and i can't watch any movie he's in cuz he bugs the crap out of me.

iron man was just an amazing film and i really enjoyed the special effects and all of the subtle comedy that was found throughout the movie. seeing how he first created his suit to how he tweaked it as necessary was just awesome.
I'd go for Iron Man over the Incredible Hulk. Smile
iron man did pwn, I don't see the hulk toping that
I'd consider going to both. I'd like to see how they've rebooted the Hulk following the first movie.
The new hulk is really good xD but I liked iron man better
So... funny story involving the Incredible Hulk.

I leave my hometown back for college on Sunday, and my birthday is at the end of this month. So my best friend thought it'd be a good idea to throw me a pseudo-birthday party yesterday at a showing of the Incredible Hulk by inviting all of my friends. He even gets me a ticket early (online).

Anyway, what he didn't know was that my mom got her Bachelor's and the graduation ceremony was also yesterday. So, of course, I go to my mom's graduation which happens to be at the exact same time as the movie showing he picked. So a ton of people showed up to the theater to wish me a happy birthday and some even brought gifts, but I was nowhere to be found. Razz

I did manage to make it to the movies afterward so I stalked the door that people leave out of and met up with everyone so we went to IHOP afterward. Anyway, that's my story. I still haven't seen Hulk yet, Sad
The story is great, really follows the comics and TV show. Zak Penn and Ed Norton, as Hulk fans themselves, do the screenplay justice. The direction is crisp by Transporter 2 director Louis Leterrier, who is arguably the right guy to direct the film. The action scenes are also crisp, with a touch of CGI here and there, and the climax is slam-bang and more than satisfactory.

I'm not a fan of the Hulk, however I do know most about his story based on fan sites and some comics I read when I was a kid. After watching this, it's safe to say that fans will not be disappointed and their expectations will be blown away. I welcome a sequel with open arms, albeit if Leterrier decides to return.

Overall, a great summer flick, definitely for a fun time at the cinema. That being said, I think Marvel has done the right move producing their own films ever since Iron Man.
Not "OR", but "AND", in my opinion.
Definately going with Iron Man here. Incredible Hulk is not as incredible Wink imo.
tony wrote:
Definately going with Iron Man here. Incredible Hulk is not as incredible Wink imo.

I agree. Iron Man seemed plausible (sounds crazy I know) when you watch it but the Hulk is just total fantasy. Also, Iron Man had some intelligent and witty jokes that appealed to a greater audience.
I haven't watch any of these 2 movies yet, but I know I will love them coz I like comic book movies in general.
I would go for iron man. The hulk movie dosent seem to have the same kind of polish that the Iron Man movie has, you will have much more fun watching Iron Man. Great action and story.
by the looks of it there is a definite merger of the iron man and the incredible huilk in the horizon. personally i REALLY liked iron man but incredible hulk was a let down. the saga must come to an end . it's way too excruciating. ed norton shows promise in every movie (i'm a big fight club fan) but he alone couldn't salvage the movie. robert downey junior's alley mcbealy movies have surely come to an end. he shows a lot of spunk. a sequel to iron man would be welcome but a merger of the two makes me skeptical .
I prefer Iron Man.

Just to be fair, I'm not a fan of super heroes that are big. I mean every time I see big guys, I always think they're the bullies of the world. So that means I look at Hulk as the bully. Hehe. Anyway some of my acquaintances saw the movie The Incredible Hulk and they said that it is far better than the first movie. I also did a search on the Internet and they all have the same comment that it is better than the first one.

Iron Man on the other hand is good. I like the part when he was making his armor (whatever you call that).

Anyway, I think I'll give Hulk a shot.
I would go for Iron Man

When i watched hulk i thougt some times is 'is a cartoon or a movie hmm.

Give me more Iron man SUPER HEROES movies

Heroes, thats something i like i mean the series.

Season 3 is almost there yeeeaaaahhh
Hey, obviously it's gotta be Iron Man. The Hulk has no substance .... Iron Man is superior in all ways.
If I were not given any option, then I wouldn't choose any of them at all.

IMHO, Iron Man is not a superhero.

He is just a man in a suit.

A suit that is equipped with load of gadgets, that's all.

In other words, anyone can be in that suit.

A superhero should be someone that is unique.

That's why most of superheros we have nowadays have their own unique supernatural power.

Incredible Hulk on the other hand is too green.

And as we all know that they make the HULK in 3d, he then has something in common with another superhero...


Conclusion : since you only gave us 2 options, i have to choose INcredible HULK.
definitely iron man. Laughing the suit is really beautiful
I watched both movies and Iron Man is the best from far Smile

What i love the most is the Humor embedded in it. Awesome action movie with lots of laughs Wink
Iron man takes the cake for sure! I loved the humour, the performances, and it's just a great movie!
this is an easy one.... Iron man for sure
I'd go with Iron Man i havn't seen the Hulk movie and it doesn't look interesting to me.
I would surely go with Iron Man!
I love Technology! Very Happy
I loved the humor more than the technology in iron man
Honestly, I'd say Iron Man, cause his armor is one of the coolest pieces of metal I've ever seen.
Iron man of course, cool armor, cool actor, burger king, flying, special effects. But the 2nd movie is taking too much time. i can't wait anymore.
Deffinitly Iron Man,

The Hulk didnt seem to good to me and I am a huge fan of the comic strip.
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