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MP3 tag editor

Try as I might I have been unable to find a piece of freeware software that will set the "Titl" tag of an MP3 file to the same as the filename. The nearest I have got to this is Zortam MP3 Studio, but this software does TOO much, making it difficult to find the exact feature I'm after.

Can anyone recommend software that will do this for me?
Personally I recommend Foobar2000.

It's an audio player, but it has straightforward tag editing functions. (I'm not sure if that's what you meant but, if you wanted something that can auto input the string taken from the file name and put it into the title value in the tag...I don't think foobar can do that @_@; So, if thats what you meant, sorry my post probably would not be too much help to you...)

To edit MP3 Tags: Open the file(s) you would like to edit the tag of in Foobar2000, select and right click -> Properties.

And it's really straight forward for there. You can even do batch editing for say, files from the same artist, album, genre, etc.

Hope that helps. T_T; if it doesn't, sorry @_@
Thanks for that. I'll look into it. It is the making the title the same as the filename that I am after (minus the file extension) though Sad
Mp3Tag works really well. It's all I've needed. I think it has a feature like filename -> tag but you may have to modify it to get it to work.
I recommend massid3lib
lsjohnson wrote:
I recommend massid3lib

I've used this before but forgot about it. Thanks for this reminder Razz . Oh and the software is great to use Cool
Yeah I'm looking for a straightforward ID3 editor for editing mass files. I might actually design my own infact.
Tag&Rename is my favorite... it has a long trial time...
foobar2000 + freedb plugin, and it's done in seconds Wink
I use Mp3Tag
give it a try ..i hope you would like it
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