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does anyone do any fishing

i do mainly for walleye and musky in illinois usa
It has been years since I went fishing. When I did, it was for large and small mouth bass, catfish, and what we commonly call brim. I think there is another name though. These are all local fish to northwest Mississippi.
I like fishing in the Sierras in CA, USA. I've also done it in Canada, because some places are so remote that they're never fished and you can catch huge fish quite easily. Deep sea fishing is also fun. I mainly do catch and release. I rarely ever keep the fish. I like catching them and then just watching them swim away.
I did some fishing with my father for a while a few years ago. I live in Maryland, there weren't that many choices of locations but since I wasn't really in to it or anything and it was mostly my father dragging us out there, I don't even remember what the places we went to fish were called @_@;

But I do remember mostly we did it by pretty small rivers, and uh, catfish was mostly what we end up getting. ^^;

I'm not one for like "be surrounded by nature," so, being out in the sun sitting around for hours waiting for some fish to take a bite while trying to not get the hook tangled in something underwater really was not my cup of tea, haha. Not to mention ;_; those boulders we had to sit on felt pretty dangerous. >_<;
I do fishing in hawaii
My favorite kind of fishing anymore is flyfising for Northerns.
Fishing for perch and other river fish, long time ago - when had possibility to have vacations there.
Living in proper place is the easiest way to be involved.

BTW, had the second place in extended family competition: a small achievement, but good enough not to be sent to the kitchen to gut these slimy nasties (don't flame me: I'm not too much into dirty and smelly work). Motivation works!
I love fishing. It's very relaxing to and rewarding. Haven't been fishing for a while Crying or Very sad
My dad and I used to go saneing (sp?) in the river by his house ^^ We once caught a Garfish... scary looking fellow!
I used to all the time but it got borring and i got a job and all so i don't care to fish any more i got better things to do.
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