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I went ahead and installed XP service pack 3 on my regular windows update.
It was a 66meg download.
Even after downloading it took at least half an hour for installation.
The installation rebuilt my driver database and registry.
At the end of the install it did something pretty cool,
it went through a 'cleanup' routine that lasted 5 - 10 minutes.

So far I've ran into any problems from it.
In fact the machine seems to be running a bit faster and smoother.

Remember do your updates!
I assume you meant to say that you have NOT run into any problems since installing XP sp 3.

I installed it on several of my computers - laptops and desktops a few days after it was released. I used the network installation version and the Windows Update version and have not had any problems on any of the updated computers. I have read about problems with sp 3 but have not experienced any first hand.
whats the link (from MS site) for the XP Sp3 update?
I downloaded hungarian sp3, but it's 300mb Very Happy
My experiences have been bad, and I do not plan to upgrade again.

Some time last week I downloaded and installed XP SP3 on one of the machines at work (my machine). The Windows update option continues to fail for some reason, and Microsoft suggested I download the whole thing, which I did.

Anyhow, since the upgrade the machine got slower and slower to the point where it takes an age (a minute or so) to simply display a context menu when I right click on a file.

I thought, "Perhaps I have a virus or malware or something".

I therefore run a full virus scan using our network Anti Virus (AVG 7.5). Nothing found.

I then run a full clean using CCleaner.

I then run a full malware scan (Spybot and Spyware Terminator), making registry backups before each. Nothing found, and machine still running terribly slow.

By this point I though, "it must be the service pack".

I therefore removed SP3 through Add/Remove Programs. This took a while and I re-booted afterwards. Upon re-starting, a CHKDSK run. I let it run through, then logged back in.

And would you believe it, the machine runs like a dream again.

My advice, steer clear of SP3 unless you really really need it
I don't really 'feel' the effects of Windows XP SP3. I've downloaded the standalone installer because I wanted to install it to my other computer. In fact, my system doesn't feel different at all. Also, I've run into several problems when upgrading, so others, be careful. Very Happy Actually, there were a lot of news stories about problems encountered during the SP3 upgrade.
The whole rebuilding the registry and driver database was interesting. I did the install on both my laptop and desktop at the same time. The laptop with a relatively fresh install of xp took less than an hour to install sp3, but the destop took absolutely forever. I have a suspicion that this was because of the age of the xp install on my desktop, and the number of programs I have installed.

Overall a pretty painless update, with no noticeable changes.
I just did it as well last week but took nearly an hour on my PIII laptop. But went smooth enough, cant say I notice thats its running faster or anything.

One strange thing was that I was wondering why my automatic update program wasn´t giving me the option to install SP3. It was only when I went to and did an update there did it then ask me if I wanted to download SP3. I think I had to install a newer version of the windows validation tool
So aside from the speed is there any other noticeable difference in performance after installing Windows XP SP3? Has the system been more stable for you guys since then?
Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the operating system. This update also includes a small number of new functionalities, which do not significantly change customers’ experience with the operating system. This white paper summarizes what is new in Windows XP SP3.
Finally it is published,microsoft delay it on purpose.
well sp3 should only be bug fixes. not like sp 1 to sp 2 which included a LOT more security implementation (Security Center to be exact) but now we have to wait for vista SP2.
i just stumbled upon SP3 when searching for windoes messenger live for the microsoft website. So I downloaded the network version (300MB+) in size. I installed it on a freshly installed XP with SP2 and most updates. Since it was just installed, I used that notebook as a guinea pig unit. SO far, I have not encounted any problems with the new SP3 (should not be since that notebook is newly installed). In terms of stability, the notebook did not crash throughout the day so far Razz
I have installed SP3 on my windows XP SP2 as well, but I don't seems to notice anything special, i mean i don't find it slowing down or speed up my system. With windows, it is just on the safe side to install those service packs, and that's the only reason I install Service Pack 3.
For me it represented a significant speed boost. The OS loads faster and explorer runs faster in a number of areas too. Generally it was more useful than SP2 even though it doesn't have any visible new features.
sometimes or i can say normally services pack do not show any clear sign of changes, but it does change like startup time, shutdown speed, firewall, security, or even networking, browser and entertainment. services pack is just use to cover some small hole that can use for big event, small hole can cause you lost billion dollar. and the most important thing is they want to prevent illegal version of xp.
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