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FTP connection problems - solved

Hi there!

A couple days ago I have bought me a webhosting because of the fact that my frihost account was getting full and I could receive a lower price.

Now I'm trying to move a phpBB3 installation.
I've arranged to move the database but all my templates/mods are still on my frihost webhosting.

Now when I try to copy the styles folder to my new webhosting with SmartFTP 3.0 Nothing happens..
I start the transfer que and all the files become "Retry later..." After the second retry just the same happens and so on and so on.

Also copying to my dekstop isn't possible.

Someone who knows what I should do?

I will install an other FTP program and will also try it on my Mac. But in the mean time... Someone who should know the answer/solution on this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Sincerly, Neji
You maybe need to switch from active to passive ftp or the opposite.

The problem is to get the files from your computer with ftp to the other webhost, right? (I mean that it's not from getting them back from Frihost)

Maybe there is an option to upload a zipped/gzipped folder with browser-based upload and then to un(g)zip it?
Well, I can send/copy/delete/.. files to my new webhost without any problem.

But copying the files from my frihost accounts with ftp doesn't work... Sometimes a couple files get transfered and thats all!

I first tried to copy paste them directly from frihost to new webhost. (didn't worked)
Then copying to desktop so I could send them to the new webhost later. (didn't worked either).

Not handy ofcourse since the forum is now almost a week offline and members are getting uninformed... (information channel...)

Don't think it's an active/passive thing. I can connect to frihost, can upload stuff etc...
Well, i've managed to solve the problem by myself.

It seems to be SmartFTP's transfer que had some problems... (maybe connection lost?)
I'd stopped the transfer que and restarted it all. (copying files to desktop) and everything worked.
So everything up and running now!

Thx anyway for the given time Bondings!

Now back some space on frihost Smile
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