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Webhosting Applications Feedback

It is quite a new experience for me to have to earn points for receiving free Website space. So once I have done all the hard work according to the rules and regulations, expected some form of feedback within a couple of days, or in lieu of that, perhaps right on top of the Forum Index a special section that deals with Website applications and current status of processing. I actually had to dig around in the forum for information on this and the tone in the reply to the enquiry that had been posted by someone had been "please do not bug us you are wasting precious processing time" (refer:

Remember that new applicants rarely have insights about Frihost's workings or the fact that the applications are being processed by volunteers. Perhaps there can be a backgrounder on this by way of adding a question to the FAQs page?

The suggestion is to provide more transparent information on the status of processing of applications by posting simple periodic notifications right on top of the Index of the Forum. Since this is a quid pro quo arrangement maybe timely feedback would be the courteous thing to do, as well as a practical way of avoiding enquiries.
I agree with you that we should be more transparent about how many requests there are waiting. And the post you linked to might be a bit harsh.

One idea that was suggested earlier was to show some counter somewhere (best would be on the accounts page) on how many requests there are in the queue. This doesn't even have to be how many there are before yours or how long it'll take in days, but just how many there are waiting would give the user an idea on how long to wait.

And what should be added to the FAQ? I think we could add new questions easily, but I have no idea what info you exactly want there.
I really like the idea about the counter. That is an excellent one if it is easily doable.

Regarding the question I was thinking about a simple one under FAQs 2. Hosting Requests:

How long does it take for my application to be processed?
Frihost uses volunteers to create Webspace for you. Sometimes it can be as quick as 10 seconds, however at other times we may be backed up with as many as 90 applications or more. Average waiting period is approx X days and some times as long as two weeks. Please do not make any enquiries during the waiting period as this may take up valuable processing time of our volunteers.
Well, one of the reasons why "How long till I get a hosting account?" threads get curt replies is because the user has barely submitted his application, and within an hour or two, he starts getting impatient. However, I was not aware that it's not clearly mentioned that all the work on Frihost is being done by volunteers. I got my account a long time back, when everything was done manually, the consequence of which was that it was all very transparent. Now, however, we do it semi-automatically through a script that Bondings (the founder) coded. I'll try to go through the process of requesting an account and put in a note somewhere where the user isn't likely to miss it.

This is a good suggestion, thanks.
the counter shouldn't also be too hard because the staff already can see one (staffcp). One of those on the account page should help a lot of users understand how long it takes.
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