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What is your favorite part of Disney?

I'm a huge Disney fan and although I've only been to the parks here in the U.S., I would love to go to the others sometime. Is anyone else a big fan of the Mouse?

What is your favorite part about going to Disney or being at Disney?

There are so many for me, but I think it is being with friends or family and having fun together. I especially like showing people around who have never been there before.
I love the atmosphere at Disney and the weather helps when we've been to Florida compared to over here.

I would have to say my favorite park is Epcot, really like Test Track and Mission Space
I love Toy Story ride! it makes me feel like a kid. Love to go back to hongkong and go to disneyland.
Well, the countries in Epcot are a good place to go for a meal (if, like me, you can get in free). Most of the different countries have a restaurant, and most of them are very good.
ocalhoun wrote:
Well, the countries in Epcot are a good place to go for a meal (if, like me, you can get in free). Most of the different countries have a restaurant, and most of them are very good.

Epcot Centre was awesome. All Disney was great, but Epcot was even greater, and I remember the food too. I remember I had a Napoleon (custard slice) at the French country stand and it was the nicest, lightest and freshest ever, melted in the mouth. I also enjoyed the country entertainment. I remember I saw an Imax show of Canada, that was absolutely supurb. And then also saw an Imax show in which viewers had the sensation of being in the rubber dingy going down the Colorado River and we had to hold onto the railing, that was great fun.

I spent three days in Orlando and when I started on Epcot wish I could have stayed longer. Truly one of my greatest experiences. The organization wherever I went was supurb and most of everything home-grown too.
i have never been there, but I would probably prefer the rides, etc/
I like how everything is designed to look good and be aesthetically pleasing. It makes it really feel like a vacation and not just a visit to a theme park. I went last year and then went to the King's Island near my town and was surprised by all the electrical equipment and little shacks and rusty fences in plain sight. Disney is amazing.
Gosh... it's been forever it seems since I've been... but I LOVED Space Mountain and the Gigantic Turkey Legs Very Happy

I went with the school marching band so that was school, would love to visit again some time - wish it didn't cost so much though (travel, entrance, lodging, etc).
I've only ever been to EuroDisney, but big thunder mountain was the best there!
I've only been to Disney resort Paris, and it was great! The atmosphere is wonderful, you really feel like being in another space and time. And everybody is so friendly Smile
Working for Disney is a very interesting experience. I work here in Japan for Tokyo Disneyland, and it's amazing how much of the politeness and friendliness actually carries on back stage. I thought that sometimes there might be some pessimism and such, but they're quite delightful! And it makes the park, when I visit as a guest, even more fun.
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