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Coin operated PC

Hello guys... have you seen a coin operated PC for internet cafe?
no, but i've seen something close to it. In Hong Kong, they have places everywhere with computers where you can "buy" time for like an hour to use sorta like in an internet cafe, except with more programs. The interesting thing, though, is that some of them also had coin operated ps2's Shocked
Well...I don't think I've seen anything like that. I have seen a few places where you, either with credit card or cash, can use a computer. You can do almost anything, and it's loaded with all the applications you need. One place that comes to mind is the copy store, where they have Macs available for customers to use and they pay for the minute. Bit expensive though. Still, I have yet to see a coin operated computer, would be interesting. The coin operated PS2 sounds even more interesting. Very Happy Though, I could just head to some electronics store and play there for free. Razz
nigam wrote:
Hello guys... have you seen a coin operated PC for internet cafe?

hehe i never saw one, but how did this idea strike you
planning on making one ?? [:p]
Hi, if you haven't seen one... please check out this pic. actually it's our own product. The mechanics of this coin operated box is that when you insert a coin. Let say $1 coin, the box will display the amount of how many minutes you can use the computer and if the time expires. It will give you a beeping to inform you that your almost time and then if the time is up. the Monitor and the Speaker will automatically turn off. but if you insert a coin again, It turns the speaker and the monitor to continue what you are doing. Check the pic. below.

there is no picture. anyway, i saw that technology few years ago. if not mistaken about 10 years ago. but now i think some still using it, but not all cybercafe. maybe it is just limited to those internet cafe in cinema area and mostly using by those internet cafe that only can surf internet. other they are using software, server and client which they can monitor the network, control just with single mouse click, either recover to previous point by restart, shutdown computer, lock the computer, taking order and so on.
Kind of silly, most places in the world have free internet, and computer access at public libaries
you think whatever you wanna think but some finds money that can sustain daily needs...
What an odd concept... I've heard of internet cafes, where you pay by the hour, but coin-operated? That just seems silly!
interesting concept.... but never seen one for real though. Will be helpful when u need to check ur mail or need some data where u least expected
hmm, interesting........... though I would be more with card-operated rather than coin-operated (going with the times, that is)
ForceRun wrote:
Kind of silly, most places in the world have free internet, and computer access at public libaries

not here in my place Crying or Very sad
Tried throwing in a coin on a string yet?
yeah what a dumb idea??? i can use my shoe horn to make one!!! and it is free!!! what a breakfast!

haha just kidding no i have not seen one but make one yourself and you will be rich good sir!
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