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summer or winter?

what do you prefer? summer or winter, and why?

I like winter, maybe because i live in Brazil and here the summer is too hot, so when the winter comes i feel more comfortable... Should I say, the cold here never get down 5C, so i dont feel like frozen...
arquivo wrote:
what do you prefer? summer or winter, and why?

I like winter, maybe because i live in Brazil and here the summer is too hot, so when the winter comes i feel more comfortable... Should I say, the cold here never get down 5C, so i dont feel like frozen...

I prefer summer. Nice times in the beach with beautiful ladys. I like to swim.

Winter is also nice, lots of time to code Wink
I like it when its sunny like summer, but the temperature isn't too hot, and at night its nice and cool. Man i love that type of weather, hardly get it Sad

To answer the topic question, i prefer Summer.
winter coz it too hot in our country...
I like both.
summer is great so you can get out and have a good time.
but winter is also okay as well because it snows and stuff.
Definitely summer. I'd rather be sweating than being literally frozen.
I have a liking for both, although I'd give the edge to summer, primarily because I have more time and I can do more. Plus, I like the fact that the sun is up for a fair amount of the day, and that if I take a walk at night, it isn't freezing. In the summer, I often go out and just do stuff in the yard, build something, travel, and so much more. In the winter, I just want to sleep. Razz

Although, one thing I don't like...spring. OK, sure it starts to warm up and everything, but my allergies are annoying. Plus, I don't like these constant weather changes. Some days I'd have to wear a T-shirt, but other days I'd have to wear a coat. It happens sometimes in the summer, but I actually don't mind at all since it's infrequent and sometimes welcome. But worst of all, these little pests love to feast on me during the spring. Evil or Very Mad

But yeah, I'd probably say summer is my favorite.
How I wish there is winter here in the Philippines. It is almost Summer ending already but based in my experienced, Summer is really great, fun, exciting and almost anything positive that you can say at all. You can do everything during summer like having fun at the beach and do banana boat riding, kayaking, jetski, island hopping as well as playing in the sand. It is so nice to get relax and unwind yourself at the beach.
Hard to say really, I enjoy both seasons for the different things they bring.

Let's face it, there's nothing better than having a nice hot shower or a warm dinner on a cold day, or snuggling under blankets or sitting by a fireplace. All winter activities. Plus, watching winter sports. Wink

Then again, in summer, you have the experience of having a beautiful refreshing dip in a pool or a stream on a hot day, or eating ice creams at the beach with your family and friends. Plus, summer sports!! :p

Of course, I hate cold mornings when trying to get dressed or your car won't start. And I hate summer days that are so hot that they give you a headache, or you just can't cool down. So they both have their bad points also.
Summer because there's no school. Although I also like winter because then school gets canceled often.
I like the summers when it's nice and hot to go swimming, and the winters when it's not cold and the weather is decent. If I'm at a place where winters are really cold, I prefer to have snow and be cold than be cold and not snow. It's something pretty to look at, and makes winters more enjoyable.
winter! let it snow let it snow let it snow
Winter because snowboarding is probably the most fun thing to do.
I live in the Caribbean, so for me its only rain or ...not
I am definitely more fond of the winter. Here in India its kind of hard to love the summer (with temps reaching 45c).
I love summer, especially because of no school.
Feroc1ty wrote:
I love summer, especially because of no school.

Yeah, but it is summer job :S
well in hawaii winter is summber because its always hot in hawaii it only rains sometimes but thats good because all the hot chicks go to the beach lol
In general, I prefer winter. I really like that slight chill you get to your skin, and being able to rug up, and snuggle at night without it being too warm, and here the weather changes it up enough that you can alternate between days just warm enough to get away in a t-shirt and days where you really need those extra layers...

But I mean, if I'm able to spend the summer at a beach/camping/by a lake or somesuch then summer can be the better option.
Actually I prefer autumn/spring temperature when it's not too cold or hot. Even though I do live in a country which *never* get truly hot, I often find the summers too warm. I am simply not a summer creature... Confused
I like winter more than summer. I like cold weather instead of hot, hot air is very difficult to me even if I'm on the river or on the lake. It is pressing on me. Plus I hate smell of sweat Mad
And in winter I can skate (I skate well) or play snowballs or just bath in the snow. Yeah, I like that season. And I've got Birthday in January!
i prefer winter because i love snow and it is rare that we see it here so when i dus settle i love to get out and play in it like a little kid Laughing Laughing Laughing

that being said I also like motor sport and that is better in the summer so i realy like both but prefer winter
jordygrunn wrote:
winter! let it snow let it snow let it snow

Snow is great, but don't you like summer vacation? Also coldness can get annoying when it does not snow.
what is this, "summer", you speak of?

I live in Oregon, it rains...and rains, and rains, and snows and hails,
then it rains and rains and rains some more! we get maybe 2 months of solid
nice weather, and I love every second of it.
I would say summer. If i lived in a tropical country, that may be different as the original poster states. As i dont really do any winter activities, i don't really like it! haha... I feel too restricted during winter, clothing/travelling/commuting etc...
I love summer, autumn and winter. What I don't like is spring. I hate waking up needing a jacket and ending up sweating before the day is over. You can never tell what the weather is going to be like, and worse we have tornadoes down here. My allergies are a pain as well.

Between summer and winter I don't think I could decide which I preferred. Summer always seems like a time to get out, hang out, do literally nothing and enjoy it. Winter always brings me a renewed sense of hope. The air is fresh, clean and crisp. Its like an eraser. Time to start over, you know.

Granted, down here (southeast Alabama) even in the winter it might get as hot as a summer day. I remember one Christmas when we were all wearing shorts. Rolling Eyes
arquivo wrote:
what do you prefer? summer or winter, and why?

I like winter, maybe because i live in Brazil and here the summer is too hot, so when the winter comes i feel more comfortable... Should I say, the cold here never get down 5C, so i dont feel like frozen...

I'm a spring and autumn guy myself. Is that allowed? :p

I suppose if I had to choose between summer and winter, I would choose summer. Yeah, definately. So much more fun. But winter can be pretty nice if it snows a lot. Snowy days are pretty. Cold without snow is not.
I prefer winter. I find it easier to warm up in winter than to cool down in summer. Plus there's the whole stereotype of sitting in front of the living room fire curled up with a good book....
Summer ofc, nice weather, I get a tan, ladies in short clothes Smile can't go wrong with that
I love winter because I have a heater, and when it is cold I simply turn it on. But, in summer, when it's hot I have to grin and bear it because I dont have AC in my apartment.
I really can't choose between them. As I see this, they both have pros and cons.
The "light" winter in Norway is beautiful, but afterwards the sun disappears for a long time, and it gets really dark.

The summer is also very warm and nice, but I totally freak out whenever a wasp flies near me Sad
This is relative to where I am. Right now I am working on contract in the Middle East, so winter is definitely much nicer over here. Beautiful sunny days then. During the Summer in the Middle East you are very much confined to in-doors as it is just too hot outside to move around in. In North America of course summer is preferred, especially in spring during April May and autumn during September October. Those are my most favourite months in North America. I really do not like the winter very much, especially in the last months when it always feels as though winter will never go away.
In my mind, the weather is going every year more crazy... sometimes in June it could be freezing here in June, and sometimes we have nearly than 30° C....
It's difficukt to know sometimes if we are in winter or summer

I am 4m india, and from kolkata-a near coastal city. So humidity kills and temperatures melt in summer.
Winter rulez. Atleast you can coze inside a blanket, stay dirty and stay warm and if you have a girlfriend, winter is the best times of the year...
I prefer winter myself, it's easier to get warm than cold.
But honestly, here in good Ol' Australia and our somewhat crazy weather, winter can go as low as 2 degrees (c) to as high as 30 degrees. (c)
But summer on the other hand it is usually 25+ degrees. It's the time of sunburn, dead plants, thirst, sweat, sticky bus seats and *shudders* bathers.

I prefer winter, i hate to sweat in summer!! Evil or Very Mad
I love summer because I like to feel the sun on my skin, I like to wear light clothes, I like to go to the beach and many other reasons.
Summer totally summer,

I am the only one that owns a reliable car, not to mention I deliver pizza all day long. It's easier to cut grass once a week that shovel know every time it snows (normally 60% of out winter it snows). Plus all my little siblings I can take photos of in the summer doing what they do( playing in parks, swiming in pool, riding bike, birthdays etc) so when the family reunions I hate come around, they can watch a photo slide show on the TV( normally last 40-60 minutes or more since our senior citizens "grand parents" always declare ENCORE!) while I play my PC games. Work out last year and I ain't complaining ! Wink
I would definitely say Winter - I prefer the cold over the hot days.

My favorite time of the year is Fall (that's the season with the most perfect days in the year, in my opinion) ..where it's not too warm and not too cold.

When it's cold outside you can just add layers but when it's hot... there's only so much you can take off, then most things you do will have to be in-doors with AC's/fans until the sun lets up.

...but I suppose it depends on where you live, I live in Texas so summer days here are just tooo unbearable sometimes!
meet in rio
Winter, definitely.

I hate sunbathing and sweating and flies and summer food. Give me a blanket, some hot chocolate and a crumpet any day.

Part of it's a clothing thing, too. I love heavy fabrics... velvets and things. I enjoy carrying umbrellas. Tank tops and miniskirts make me look and feel really awkward, and I burn like an albino.
Summer every time!!!
The sea is warmer - although it never actually gets "warm" around Britain! Tree's are green, flowers are smiling everywhere, people are happier, the day's are longer, outside beach parties, al-fresco eating and drinking etc etc Smile
Winter in the UK is wet, cold, gray dark and miserable... roll on Summer 2009
Summer of course. I don't have to wear a lot then, maybe a t shirt an shorts will do .
I'm a bit conflicted. Either I'll be frozen solid while biking to school/work each day, or sneezing my nose off due to my terrible case of pollen allergy. Think I'll just prefer autumn.
As health problems are now preventing me from skiing, the balance has switched to summer - swimming is still a-ok. I don't care much for short daylight hours and cold weather. Mind you - summer in the UK is hardly anything to write home about.
I prefer summer because it gets mighty cold in winter, and my heaters are barely sufficient.
I prefer summer spring and fall, and then the first couple weeks of winter after it snows. Then after that it's miserable, having to trek to classes, with a less than zero wind chill. It get absolutely miserable, especially by February.
arquivo wrote:
what do you prefer? summer or winter, and why?

I like winter, maybe because i live in Brazil and here the summer is too hot, so when the winter comes i feel more comfortable... Should I say, the cold here never get down 5C, so i dont feel like frozen...

I prefer summer.... I like the beach and the sun.
There were both nice a few years ago, but now they got extreme. But since you asked, I'd stick to summer Smile. As KatanaSky said, fall is the best time of the year. And when you are hiking, sometimes, because of the dazzling sun, you can't see a thing around. I've bought some pretty nice sunglasses (with...uv400) but they’ve melted in the car Very Happy and now they are zooming in Very Happy
Summer is better!!!!!

Love the cold. I can't stand the heat of summer, and don't like swimming at the beach much either.

It's annoying showing up at uni, seeing everyone dressing for summer, and realising that the worst is yet to come...
I like both for different reasons.

Summer i have a job at the pool It is hot out and you can go swimming. No school

Winter cooler out. snow... more fire calls. More time on my hands swimming....
I do not how winter feels like because I live in Malaysia which is near the equatorial line. But the only thing that I am sure is how hot it is here. The hotness is becoming unbearable lately, maybe it is because of the global warming, just maybe or are we getting closer to the sun?
definitely fall and winter for me.. southern indiana in the summer is too humid and hot for me.
Summer when on a beach place and winter when in a place where snows. I regret coming to live in the city.
I prefer Winter Season. I just can't stand the hot season. Everything gets sticky and dusty.
I just love to tuck myself into my blanket and wake up late during the winter season..Razz
I prefer winter. I do not like hot summers, but on the flip side, I don't like the really cold winters. I prefer winter over summer though, because I can always bundle up and sit by the fire in the winter, where as the summer all you can do is deal with the heat no matter what you do. I suppose to could go swimming, but I'm not much of one to enjoy swimming. I do not have air conditioning, so thats not an option.
I like winter more Very Happy could be better though since i get sick every winter Sad
arquivo wrote:
what do you prefer? summer or winter, and why?

I like winter, maybe because i live in Brazil and here the summer is too hot, so when the winter comes i feel more comfortable... Should I say, the cold here never get down 5C, so i dont feel like frozen...

I prefer the winter and autumn, too. Since my country is on the tropics, its too hot in the summer. When the winter comes its too cold, though. So the autumn and the spring are the best of the season, here.
When it's summer, I saw winter, and when it's winter, I say summer. Razz

I live on a tropical island, though, and I love it, so it must be summer!
Dreary winters just tend to be a bit too depressing!
I like summer only when I’m on vacation and I can go somewher4 to swim and to relax. Going to work when it is too hot isn’t very fanny. This year I managed even to sun burn my face, I don’t know how because I was very careful and the only time I was on the sun was for about half an hour a day when I go to lunch. Mad

So, I prefer winter. I like snow, I like holidays, everything around my looks so nice, shiny and romantic. Wink I like winter sports. And if you are cold – you can always wear something else and be comfortable; if you are hot – what can you do? Not too much.
I live in Poland and I have this luck to feel all four seasons Very Happy

As far as I concern, summer is much more funny - you don't have to wear all this jackets, caps and gloves, but on the other hand, it's so cool to ski in deep, pure snow or to build a snowman.

51:49 for summer Embarassed
I love summer. Nature is alive, feeling the sun's rays, going to the beach. It's so beautiful. I hate it in the Autumn when I see nature dying, and in the winter when everything is allready dead...
I've got a pretty mixed relationship to both... When in the winter time, I kinda like it, and enjoy the darkness and cosyness - you know candles, books, hot drinks etc... And thinking ahead to the warmer months, I don't really want to go there. On the other hand, during the summer months, I love that, and just having that "indoor/outdoor" freedom, where you're able to go all over as long as you have yourself some shorts, and also some 'romantic' thought of sitting outside with friends and beers...
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