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Remove Log Off and Turn Off Computer from Start Menu

Why would you ever need to remove the 'Log Off' button or 'Turn Off Computer' button from 'Start' menu on your Windows taskbar? Human need many weired things in times throughout their life. You'd like enjoying to experience the difference than all others are going through. You like to look different, don't you? But likes and needs are separate things. Once I needed to remove these buttons out from the start menu. Surprising,isn't it?

I was operating MultiPC system in a Cyber Cafe; all computers protected with Deep Freeze. Everything was fine. Four users share single CPU. Each of them operate simultaneously and independenly. None of them except the administrator could turn off the computer because if any one of them shut down all other users too were forced turned off. This feature could be configured from within the MultiPC. But still, each users could log off their account and other users could log on in that station again. After some time I face a problem. There appeared, I guess, a spyware that made Windows Terminal Server busy. And if you log off the station when terminal server is busy, no one could log on again on that station. After that, if another user logs off in next station, there too nobody could log on again. When you try to log on three or four times the whole system restarted without displaying any prompt or confirmation. This caused data loss to all the stations they were middle of their work. Moreover the computers were locked by Deep Freeze, you couldn't restore or get benefited by auto recovery. Everything was gone leaving users disappointed. In this scenario, the immediate solution was to prohibit users from login off !

Remove 'Log Off' Button from Start Menu
You can edit the group policy of Microsoft Windows to remove Log Off button. Following is the procedure:

1. Open Group Policy dialog box. To open group policy you can type 'gpedit.msc' on Run dialog box (Start >> Run).
2. On the left panel under 'User Configuration' Open 'Administrative Templates'.
3. Choose 'Start Menu and Taskbar' item.
4. Now, on the right panel find 'Remove Logoff on the Start Menu' entry and double click it to open.
5. On the 'Remove Logoff on the Start Menu Properties' dialog box, click on 'Enable' radio button.
6. Click OK
7. Close Group Policy dialog box.

You have removed 'Log Off' button from the start menu. Still, if you need to log off your computer you can type 'logoff' command on Run dialog box. Click Start to check! Done.

Remove Turn Off button from Start Menu
The procedure to remove Turn Off button is similar to that of removing Log Off button. Following is the procedure:

1. Proceed steps 1, 2, and 3 as described above.
2. Now on the right panel find 'Remove and prevent access to Shut Down command' and double click it to open its property.
3. On the properties dialog box choose 'Enabled'.
4. Click OK and close dialog box.
5. Good! you have removed the turn off menu too! Your Start Menu look nice, isn't it? Still, you can turn off your computer by typing 'shutdown -s' on run menu.

Shut Down commands
Type these commands in Run dialog box.

Commands >> Effects
shutdown -s >> Turn Off computer
shutdown -r >> Restart computer
shutdown -s -t 5 >> Shut down computer after 5 seconds
shutdown -r -t 10 -f >> Restart computer after 10 seconds forcefully ignoring any file saves
shutdown -s -m \\computerName >> Turn off another computer in network with computerName
Excellent stuff. This is a MUST when allowing users to work from home. FOr instance, we have a Citrix server, so stopping people shutting it down is essential.
Hey Dude!

Bingo...this is what I was lookin for!

THank you very much!
Thank You for the nice guide.
It may come in useful to quite a few people.
Studio Madcrow
That's really cool, actually. I didn't know you could do any of this stuff with Windows!
try with group policy.... if you dont like to shutdown user's computers.. remote it... u can apply this to a OU ( organnisational unit)
internetjobs wrote:
try with group policy.... if you dont like to shutdown user's computers.. remote it... u can apply this to a OU ( organnisational unit)

Words of wisdom there! Using active directory like that should do the trick. Even if you can't get rid of the buttons themselves, you could probably remove the privileges of using them, so that if users clicked them, they would only get an error message.
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